Monday, August 12, 2013

irish horse fair

The other morning we went to a horse fair.  It was part of Puck Fair, which is a festival that takes place in my husband's hometown every August 10th, 11th, and 12th.  The horse fair was mostly horses {duh} but there were also chickens, goats, and donkeys for sale.  One man even had a few puppies.  He said they were jack russells but I have never seen a black and white jack who knows?

I was hoping to see pigs and sheep but apparently the tags to transport them are pricey so the farmers don't bother bringing them to these sorts of fairs.

The ponies were so inexpensive at just 200 euro each.  And so friendly...sniffing our hands for treats.  I loved this gray one.  

This guy was a little skeptical of me and my camera. 

I nearly took this little guy home but I am pretty sure my father-in-law does not want to take over my souvenir once we head back to the states....

These two were a couple of characters.  They were friendly and gently took treats from all the kids....and me ;).

And no Irish festival is complete without a greasy bag of hot chips covered in ketchup.  YUM.

Animals are a lot of work but I would love a farm.  By "farm" I mean a lot of land with a lot of animals and some hired help to take care of all the dirty work.  I am pretty much just interested in petting the animals.


  1. I feel the exact same way about having a farm. Petting zoo!

  2. i want to live on a farm but not do all the work too!!

    i can't even convince the husband to get chickens, though. and we have the room. and you can have up to 5 here. clearly, what is the issue?

  3. Really lovely, animals are so much fun to photograph :)


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