Monday, August 19, 2013

GiNa roma

The last day we were in Rome we had lunch at a restaurant named GiNa's.  A friend of mine highly recommended it and since I share a name with the place, I figured it was a must stop.

GiNa's is located very near to the Spanish Steps but is not a touristy location at all.  It is down a side street and has a small blue and white sign hanging outside.

While in Rome we mostly at at traditional "cafe" style places.  We always attempted to find a place outside of the touristy streets and most places we found {with the exception of one} were really good. The style of GiNa's is totally different than your average Roman restaurant.  The menu is a little different too and it was a nice change.

The restaurant is just SO cute.  If I owned a restaurant {or even my own house and could design the kitchen}, the clean, simple, and inviting look of GiNa's is just what I would strive to create.

If you ever find yourself in Rome, eat at GiNa's!  It is located down a tiny little side street just to the left of the Spanish Steps.


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