Monday, August 05, 2013

grilled tomato and avocado salad

While I am enjoying myself in Rome and Ireland, I scheduled several posts for you all to enjoy.  By "several" I mean two, so don't get too excited ;).  I will probably pop in to blog here and there when I have WiFi and time.

I love fried green tomatoes. Fried vegetables are just so.good.  But they probably aren't the healthiest.  I wanted to do a pan "fried" green tomato to "health it up" but decided to be really good  and go with grilled green tomatoes.  That MyFitnessPal app will keep you on your toes and prevent the slippery slope of fried vegetables....

Anyways, grilling the tomatoes was a really good idea.  Or "brilliant" as my husband might say. {Except he wouldn't say "brilliant" to this salad because he prefers meat in all meals.} I also had an avocado that was waiting to be devoured, so I grilled that up too and had such a good lunch.

I really like warm things on salads.  Typing it out makes it sound kind of gross, but it's not. Kind of like the word moist.  It sounds really gross but a moist cake is delicious.

Ok, sorry - salad you go.  

grilled tomato and avocado salad {makes one large salad}
-1 large green tomato - cut into thick slices
-1/2 a large avocado - cut into thick slices
-salad greens {whatever you have is fine}
-a little {like half an ounce} of shredded cheese.  I used danish havarti {OBSESSED!} but fresh parm or ricotta would both be good
-lemon juice from a few wedges of lemon
-a tiny drizzle of olive oil
-a tiny drizzle of honey 
-salt and pepper

1. Salt and pepper the tomato and avocado slices and grill. The tomatoes will take a little longer than the avocados so you might want to start with those.
2. Top a plate with salad greens, the warm tomato and avocado slices, and sprinkle on the cheese.  It will melt and be extra amazing.  Top the salad off with the lemon juice, olive oil, and a tiny drizzle of honey.  Yeah, I like to put sugar on my salads...but just a little and it makes such a difference - enjoy!

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