Wednesday, March 13, 2013

guinness ice cream float

You guys.  I think I found my new "thing."  Boozy ice cream drinks.  I had a root beer float the other night with whipped cream vodka in it and I was SOLD.  My mind starting churning with possibilities.  

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this weekend, I decided to sacrifice one bottle of Guinness and a few scoops of vanilla ice cream in the off chance that a Guinness ice cream float might be the best thing ever.  Well guess what??  It is.

Not too sweet, not too strong, just right.  The smooth Guinness is made even creamier when the ice cream melts and the chocolate on top is the perfect little addition to the float.

Before your mind goes "this looks gross....." try it!  

Two scoops vanilla ice cream, one bottle of Guinness, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  If you want to get crazy, throw in a little Baileys.

This was my attempt at making a shamrock out of chocolate syrup.  No, I am not three years old, I am really just that bad at drawing shamrocks.

What do you think?  Will you try it?


  1. That looks so good I can't even handle it!

  2. That looks SO satisfying! I am usually big on creations for St. Patrick's Day but with the pregnancy & our schedule this weekend, my celebrations will be on hold. I have missed Guinness so much that I decided it will be the first alcoholic beverage I have after the baby gets here ( ~5 weeks!) ...or after some celebratory Prosecco ;)

    I like to make these & think they'd go well with your floats!:

    1. well.....Guinness has a lot of iron and I once read an article about how it was good for pregnant women :).

  3. I will definitely try it! And maybe some Bailey's too ;)

  4. I'd try it for sure. Looks like quite a treat.

  5. That looks absolutely delicious!!! Gotta love a good boozy treat!

    I found your blog through Chantilly's inspiring post about you. I admire you so much, and I am currently in the same position you were in...working in a cube while trying to grow my hair business. I am getting there and hopefully soon I can make my ultimate dream come true!!

    I am now following you on bloglovin!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam


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