Thursday, March 14, 2013

diy doggie bowtie

Dogs look cuter in accessories and a holiday is the perfect time to dress them up.  I love little more than an animal in clothing so I created a few super easy St. Patrick's Day bowties for my dogs.  We are heading to Cincinnati for the weekend and I need to remember to pack these bowties for their stay at doggie daycare.  They need to wear their green on Sunday!

What you will need - green felt, gold sequined trim, craft or fabric glue, elastic, scissors, and clothespins.

~Cut the felt into a rectangle.  I cut a 6"x5" rectangle for Finn's bowtie and a smaller 5"x4" rectangle for Gordita's bowtie.
~Fold the rectangle in half and cinch the felt together in the middle.  
~Add a dab of glue and secure with a clothespin while the glue dries.
~Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes, then wrap the gold sequin trim around the center, gluing as you go.  Secure again with a clothespin and let dry for about 10 minutes.
~Once the sequins are secure around the felt bow, glue a piece of elastic on the back.  Once again, allow the glue to dry and then tie the lose ends of the elastic {after measuring the elastic around your dog's neck} in a knot.

That's it!  SO simple and cute.  

I think Gordita and Finn love their bowties :).


  1. Your dogs look so cute with their bows! :)

  2. Awww your dogs are adorable! And these bowties look great on them!

  3. What kind of dog is the one on the right in that first photo? I recently lost my best friend of 13 years and we never knew what breed she was, but she looks just like your pup! I had to do a double take just now.

    1. the blonde one? as far as we know he is a golden-collie mix. i want to get a dna test done on him just to confirm. we did a dna test on the little dog and she is a mix of about 25 different breeds!


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