Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lovely DIY Designs: Doily Envelopes

Another Wednesday...another lovely DIY designs project!

lovely DIY designs is a weekly collaboration between myself and Heather of {just.lovely.things}.  Every Wednesday, one of us will share a DIY project based on our Pinterest Inspiration...or Pinspiration.

I pinned these doily envelopes a few weeks ago and am excited to share my how-to.  I am always looking for ways to spice up my packaging and love the idea of tucking my thank you card inside a cute doily envelope.

{Image pinned from here}

What you will need:

-large doilies {I used 6" ones}
-stickers or tape
-cards {I just print my thank you cards on card stock, but you could make some using index cards or old library card catalog cards {like in my pinned image}.

Step One:
Lay your card in the middle of the doily and fold over the two sides.  Then fold up the bottom piece and fold down the top piece.

Step Two:
Seal with a small sticker or a piece of washi tape {Japanese masking tape}.

I made several little envelopes and decorated the fronts with a little "thank you."

Now when I package orders, I can just pop one of these sweet little ready made notes into the box.  I love adding that extra handmade touch with each order.

Designed by Jackie Ayr