Friday, October 11, 2013

weekly snapshots: 3

1 - Finally pulled out my moccasins this week.  Feels like Fall.
2 - Tortellini soup.  So good.
3 - My little monkey.
4 - Sweet potato donuts.  Nothing wrong with fried dough.
5 - Unmade bed, covered in clothes, and Finn makes himself comfortable.

I hope you guys all had a good week :).


  1. Finn is adorable & you've reminded me that I need to pull my moccasins from the ruins of my closet!

  2. aww, such nice pictures. i love your mocs!! xxo

  3. mmm those donuts look wonderful, begging to be consumed!

  4. These photos are all so cosy! I'm crazy about my mocs at the moment too, perfect Autumn shoes xo


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