Friday, February 17, 2012

Shamrock Shakes and Donuts

I am on a bad path this week.   

It all started on Valentine's Day with lots of cookies and chocolate.

I can never, ever stop at just one.

On Wednesday I had to drive my husband to the dentist.  On the way home it was raining. Rain in Southern California is like a snow storm in Cincinnati. The freeways become parking lots.

So, after an hour and a half in traffic I was ready to kill myself because I was so hungry.  I found a McDonald's and sucked down a Shamrock Shake in a matter of minutes.  

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I haven't had a Shamrock Shake since I was 12.  Why have I been neglecting them for so long?!  It was amazing-ness in my mouth and stomach.  I need to get another one.

Yesterday I was in a sugar low, so I made myself a chocolate-banana shake.  

Light Chocolate Soy Milk + 1/2 a banana + 1 scoop of low fat ice cream + ice = YUM

My chocolate-banana shake was a semi-healthy version sooooo, I followed it up with a bowl of ice cream.  Naturally.

I have a problem!  Is this how an addict feels?

I am going to give myself this weekend and then next week it is back to eating boot-camp.  

I am planning on a week of Level 10 eating {from my Love Food: Lose Weight e-book} to get myself back on track.  And then a week of Level 9.  

By March I will be back in a healthy eating groove and will have more energy.  

But for now...all I can think about is making a healthy-ish version of these.  Yum.  Chocolate Donuts.

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