Thursday, June 06, 2013

diy window chalkboard

A few weeks ago Wonderland and Company sent me a sample of their Plaster Paint.  Plaster Paint is somewhat like chalkboard paint, but different because it can be used as regular paint to redo furniture, etc.

Well, I think this is how it's different.  I have never actually used chalkboard paint.  Sorry, revoke my blogger/crafter/diy-er license if you must.

Annnnnyways, I decided to use my sample of gray plaster paint and makeover a window pane.  Last summer we got new windows in our kitchen and the old ones have been sitting in my garage...waiting to be used.

Plaster paint is super simple to use.  You don't have to sand or prime any surface and it can be used on anything - wood, metal, or glass.

The first thing I did was tape the edges of the window {I'm a sloppy painter} and spray the glass with frosted glass.  I have painted clear glass a few times and starting off with a coat of frosted glass makes it so much easier to get full coverage in one or two coats.

Next I painted, waited for it to dry {plaster paint dries fairly quickly}, lightly sanded with fine grit sandpaper, and added a top coat of the wax that came with the paint.

I created a weekly mail planner on the board using chalk pens....chalk pens are much easier to write with than normal chalk. If you look closely at my board and the meals I wrote in, you will notice that I cannot write with regular chalk.  I need to go back to kindergarten :).

The meal planner was Neil's idea.  Last week he said to me "you know what we should have? A weekly meal plan!"  Like it was the most genius idea ever.   

Typically, he travels a few days a week and dinners are his own problem.  But, ever since the beginning of May he has been right here in San Diego, home every night, asking me "what's for dinner?"

I love to cook, but wow am I sick of this every.single.night thing.  I guess chips and salsa doesn't qualify as "dinner" in Neil's world.  But, I do love my meal planner.  Hopefully it will result in lots of glorious dinners and not so many frozen Trader Joe's meals....and hopefully Neil starts travelling again soon.


  1. I love it, great job!!! I like how you went for a grey chalk board instead of the black :)

  2. It looks fab! I love the chalkboard effect. You could start selling these :)


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