Tuesday, January 22, 2013

diy - ribbon organizer

My studio is always kind of a crazy mess.  I will organize things and it might stay that way for a day or two.  I guess I work better in the mess....or I am just lazy :).

One thing about my messiness that drives me cray-zay is that I often think I am out of something, order more, and then find said something a few days later.  This little routine happens all the time with the ribbon that I stock for ribbon tie headbands.  Most of the ribbon I use is bought online and it comes nicely coiled up in tissue or plastic bags.  I store the ribbon in a box and it never stays neatly wound up.

The messines got to me last week, so I decided to create a little ribbon organizer.  This was super inexpensive and easy.

All you need is a wooden dowel {I bought mine at Michaels but they can also be found at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.}, a cardboard tube from wrapping paper or paper towels, tape, and an exacto knife or scissors.

First, cut the cardboard roll into small sections slightly wider than the width of the ribbon.  These cardboard pieces will serve as the "spools."  

Next, tape the ribbon to the cardboard spool and tightly wind it around and around.

When all the ribbon is wound on the cardboard spools, thread them onto the wooden dowel.  

I have pegboard in my studio, so I hung the dowel off two large pegboard hooks.  If you don't have pegboard, you could attach two hooks to the wall and hang the dowel that way.

That's it!  Super easy and it took me less than an hour.  I want to make another one and use it to hang all the elastic I currently have stored in overflowing baskets....


  1. I already told you, but I seriously adore this so much and can't wait to move and try this in my new studio! xo

  2. I dream of a day when I have space for a pegboard to organize all my crafty goodness and this is a perfect idea for ribbon! Love!

  3. Love this idea! I went on a velvet ribbon ordering spree around Christmas and need to organize it all.


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