New Orleans Instagrams & a winner

Pretty building.

 Hotel Provincial.

Cute Cafe.

The tile in this cafe was perfect.  I love tile.



The best bloody mary in town.  It was amazing - complete with pickled green beans - YUM.

WWII Museum - totally worth the trip.

Neil in an air raid shelter at the museum.

I got back from my 4 day New Orleans trip last night and man I am beat.  It was fun. Lots of family, beautiful old buildings, good food, drinks, laughs, and walking in the heat.  

I am happy to be back with my sweet pups and in normal temps, but could have stayed another week.  New Orleans is the best city.  It is so unique and unlike anywhere else in America.  And I don't really mind the heat.  Call me crazy but I enjoy the wet-rag-in-my-face feeling when I step outside. It's oddly comforting.

I will post more pics later but for now....did you win the Tom's Wedges giveaway?

If your name is Hannah and you blog over here {and you are also an amazing photographer} then your feet are about to get a lot cuter.  I will email you today to discuss your new shoes :).

I hope you guys are enjoying your week!


Oh, hi there

I am off to New Orleans tomorrow morning and have been running around like crazy all week getting biz-ness together so that I can be away for a few days.

It's funny, when I used to have a j-o-b, I would do nothing the few days before I left town.  Well, I would do something, just nothing to do with my job.  You know how it goes.

Now that my job is {Acute Designs} I find it challenging to leave town.  I also find that everything happens the few days before I go.  And I have a problem saying "no" or "hold on a minute."

So, anyways, hi, how are you?  How was your week?  What are you doing this weekend?  Tell me everything!

I am sure I will be insta-gramming my trip if you wish to follow along {@AcuteDesigns}.  Have a good weekend and see you next week!


Handmade 101: 3 things I wish I would have known...

Today's Handmade 101 post is brought to you by Michelle of Wishful Thinking.  Michelle is sharing with us 3 things I wish I would have known....before I became an interior designer.

First of all, I want to thank Gina for letting me guest post. I have been reading her blog ever since I found her darling Etsy shop and can't believe I actually get to be featured on it.

I have always been a know-it-all and at age seven, I knew I wanted to be an interior designer. I was perhaps the most annoying child to play Barbies with. My poor friends would spend hours watching me "set up" the mansion and before we got to play, we'd retreat for dinner. Everywhere I went, my Lisa Frank notebook came with me. It was filled with doodles of furniture sketches and floor plans. Yes, floor plans. I was intrigued with how other people's homes were laid out and would sketch them for comparison. So naturally, when it came time to declare a major for college, it was a no-brainier.

As it turns out, I didn't really know what I was getting in to. Here's what I wish I would have know....

One -  It's a lot of work.
I thought that by choosing a major I loved meant that it would come naturally to me. It was fun, so it had to be easy, right? Wrong. 

Being in studio was like a full-time job and it was only six of my fifteen credits. Studio met for twelve hours week and then there was homework which amounted to another twenty hours. By sophomore year, I realized that I had become a slave to studio. I was also juggling a part-time job and starting up my Etsy shop, bobbins + bits

I often had to bail on Friday night parties and miss Saturday football games in order to finish my projects. It wasn't always fun, but it was always worth it.

Two - 90% of the time is spent in front of the computer.
Pop quiz! Who knows the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator? I didn't. I thought most of my time would be spent choosing paint colors and picking out fabric swatches. While that is part of it, it is a very, very small part. All of my projects start out with hand sketching. Then, I move to the computer. I use programs like Revit and SketchUp to build the space. Then, the final images are thrown into Photoshop and InDesign.

Three -  Codes, codes, codes
Does your home have stacked plumbing? Is the bathroom located right next to the kitchen? There's a reason for this. There's also a reason why public bathroom stalls are the width they are and there's even a reason why an elementary school has as many water fountains as it does. I won't bore you with the details. Just know that codes greatly affect a designer's decisions.

As it turns out, choosing Interior Design was the right choice. I got lucky, because I was a little misinformed about the field, but it all worked out. I hope you learned a little about design. If you're a designer, just remember, hearing misconceptions from others, gives you a chance to explain to people what you do. 

If you're thinking about getting into the profession, feel free to contact me further if you have any questions; I'd be happy to help!

I blog here. I tweet here. I pin here. I operate here


Thanks so much Michelle!  It is so interesting how the reoccurring theme of these "three things I wish I would have know..." posts continues to be about knowing exactly what you are getting yourself involved in.

I think so many of us {myself included!} have romanticized views of what blogging, running a handmade business, designing, etc will be like but there is so much more to it.

Like I said yesterday, it is rewarding work, but can be really hard...and mostly rewarding :).

Click here for more Handmade 101 posts.

Spinning Wheels

Some days I feel like I a hamster spinning on a wheel.  I am moving, but getting nowhere.

It's a frustrating feeling.  I am doing but what am I accomplishing?

I have no time to blog.  No time to start my fall/holiday line.   No time to sit without thinking about what I should be doing instead of sitting.

Today, as I walked my dogs, I thought "maybe it would be easier to just get a job..."  and then I felt like such a failure.  I don't want a j-o-b.  I hope I never have to find one of those again.   They kind of suck.

I like, no I love, working for myself.    Even when I feel like I am going nowhere, I would rather stand still on my own accord than stand still inside a cubicle.

This weekend I am taking a break and heading to New Orleans.  I have no doubts that it will be a fun-filled weekend and likely just what I need to get my wheels spinning forward, rather than just in circles.

Please excuse my silence over the next few days as I get finish a few things before I head out of town.


Crazy Weekend

This weekend was kind of jam packed.  And super fun

Friday night we hung out in the back yard and listened to Neil play guitar.

Saturday I worked all morning expanding the {Acute} collection of flower hairpins....

...and later went to a Stella & Dot party.  They have such cute stuff!  I bought these bangles and am really excited for them to arrive.

Saturday night I went to a pig roast.  Pigs are smart and adorable but damn....they taste so good.  I ate a ton of slow roasted pork, cole slaw, and potatoes.

Sunday I went with three friends to a baseball game.  I am not a baseball fan at all.  I find it boring and a little stupid.  Well, yesterday might have swayed me a bit.  We sat in luxury seats {with our own waiter!}, ate really good food, drank margaritas, and chatted.  No one watched the game and it was really fun.  I am definitely not a baseball convert but I would do that all over again.

Yesterday something huge happened ~ I forgot my phone and was without it all day.  I was SO mad at myself.  Once I got used to the no phone situation, it was actually kind of nice.  No one could reach me and I didn't feel the need to constantly check in with my emails, facebook, twitter, etc. 

Sometimes it's nice to take a break and yesterday felt a little like vacation with no phone and way too much junk food.   It was like being out of the country.

At one point I did say "I cannot take pictures....what am I going to blog about?!"  Ha!  I probably need to get a life.

I am suffering today and could definitely use a weekend to recover from my weekend....but it was all worth it.

How was your weekend?

5 things friday

**I love my new diy-ed instagram canvases.

**Kale is pretty amazing.  Who knew?  

**Yellow & Gray discounts are still available!

**This dress is cute too bad it's sold out.  It would have been the perfect end to yellow & gray week.

**Did you enter the Toms wedges giveaway?  You probably should....

Have a good weekend!


Thank you and you and you too....

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for commenting.  Thanks for being you.  It really just means so much to me that someone actually reads this little blog :).

I love you guys.  On a more superficial note, I also love my Toms Wedges and I want one of you to love a pair too!

I own these and I want these.  And maybe these too.  If you could have any pair of Toms wedges, what would you pick?

If you want your own pair, just fill out the entry form below.  Winner will be announced next Friday.

Have a good day!

Kale and Corn Tacos

You know what's really good?


I know, I am surprised too.

I have hidden kale in smoothies {tip: banana covers up everything}, in spaghetti sauces, in soups, and in stews. But I have never actually tasted it.  And guess what?  It tastes really, really good.

I have been a kale eating machine these past two weeks.  

My favorite new kale dish is sautéed kale and corn.  I sometimes put it in tacos and sometimes eat it as is.  Either way, it's amazing.

Kale and Corn Tacos {serves about one}
-some kale {however much you want to eat}
-1/2 cup of corn kernels
-1 teaspoon of olive oil
-lime juice {about one lime}
-a little salt and pepper
-a few tortillas {I use corn ones}
-cheese, salsa, and whatever else you like on your tacos

1. Heat a little bit of olive oil in a non-stick pan and saute the kale.  If you want it really soft, use more olive oil.  I like the toasted crunch taste, so I just used a little tiny bit of oil.
2. Add in the corn and heat through.
3. Top with crumbly white Mexican cheese, lime juice, salsa, etc and eat as is or put inside tortillas. 


Make this: Instagram Canvases

Ever since Instagram opened its application to Android users, I have been seriously addicted.  If you follow me {@AcuteDesigns} I am sure you are loving my daily 100 dog photos.  Can you imagine if I ever have a baby?  You guys will be so sick of me.

Anyways, I have seen a lot of tutorials and websites where you can turn your instagrams into art and I decided to try a few.

All you need are printed copies of your instagram photos, mod podge, and artist canvases.  It's so easy and produces big results.

I did two techniques - one with traditional mod podge and one with photo transfer mod podge.  I love the look of both.

Check out my how-to post on Scoutie Girl for the full tutorial.

Yellow & Gray Discounts

In honor of Yellow & Gray Week, I am offering a few special {Acute Designs} deals.  All items are marked down {no discount code needed} and will be available at the discounted price for the next week. 

Ruffled Rose Hairpins ~ $9 {originally $13}

Yellow and Gray Itty Bitty Rosebud Earrings  ~ $13 for both pairs or $7 for one pair {originally $9.00 per pair}

Large handmade flower hairpins ~ $12 {originally $16 a set}

Oversized Gray Brass Earrings ~ $14 {originally $20}

Yellow Doily Brass Earrings ~ $14 {originally $20}

And more! All items can be found in my online shop.

I hope you guys are enjoying yellow & gray week!

Yellow and Gray Doily Art

One of my favorite diy-techniques involves a piece of lace and spray paint. It is so easy I am not even sure it it qualifies as a "technique."  If you can operate a spray paint can, you can manage these diy's.

I used this "technique" to spruce up an old lampshade and transform a plain board into a lace trimmed a jewelry display stand.

At least once a week, I have to tell myself to NOT spray paint something covered in lace.  I think it would look amazing on my dining room table, but my husband would probably hate it.  What do men know?

Last weekend I used the spray paint over lace technique but used a doily instead of the lace.  Genius.  {If you haven't noticed I love doilies as much, if not more, than I love lace.}

I created two yellow and gray doily accents for my home and I love them. The only problem is now I have an urge to cover everything I own with spray painted doilies...

Project One: Doily Dry Erase Board

I made these pretty dry erase boards about a year ago.  I love them but I have been sick of the fabric for a  while now.  So, I decided to switch it up.  

Supplies needed: Large picture frame {with glass in it}, fabric, a doily {I find them at antique stores all the time for less than a dollar}, spray paint.

The first thing you need to do is cut the fabric so that it fills the frame and has an extra inch or so on all four sides.

Lay the piece of fabric on the ground {best to do this outside} and position the doily anywhere you would like it to appear.  

Spray paint over the doily.  Try not to get spray paint everywhere on the fabric - just on and around the doily.  Wait a few seconds and carefully peel the doily from the fabric.  

If you wish to do so, position the doily on another spot and spray again.

Let the fabric dry for a few hours, insert it into the frame, cut off any excess fabric, and hang. 


Project Two: Doily Canvas Art

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and immediately knew it was something I had to try.  My kitchen walls are a little bare so I decided to create two small doily canvases to add a fun pop of color to them.

Supplies needed: A canvas or two {any size you wish}, two colors of spray paint {I used yellow and gray because, well, duh :)}, a doily or two.

Go outside and entirely cover the canvas{es} with one color of spray paint.  I used yellow as my "base" paint.

Wait a few hours for this to completely dry.

Place a doily anywhere on the canvas and spray the entire surface {doily and canvas} with the second color of spray paint {for my canvases, the second color was gray}.

Wait a few seconds and remove the doily.  I saved my spray painted doily, as I know I will use it again.  It should probably be noted that the spray paint will not come out of the doily so it might be best to not use a family heirloom or your favorite doily.   

Hang and enjoy!

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