5 Things + October

Already October tomorrow?  Wow.  When I was younger I used to want time to hurry up, so that I could be an adult and do whatever I wanted to do.  Now that I am an adult, I just want time to slow down {and I still don't do whatever I want to do}...but it seems to go faster than ever.

What can you do?  Just enjoy it, right?

5 things from the week:

1. These vintage lace bow shoe clips from my shop made it to the front page on Etsy.  It always feels good when that happens.

2. I purchased a few pieces for my basic fall wardrobe and I plan to stop by Old Navy this weekend in order to buy this green blouse on sale.  I hope they have some left!  

3. I recently discovered Emmaline Bride.  It is a sweet wedding website {blog + market} that focuses all around handmade.  In the marketplace, brides can search for handmade accessories and decor.  I am happy to announce that Acute Designs is now a featured seller in the marketplace.  So, if you are planning a wedding, or just like wedding websites, stop by Emmaline Bride.

4. I am not a big fan of the whole mustache trend {I actually hate it a little} but this one made me smile.  I guess babies with mustaches are cute.  I love when babies are dressed in adult like things.  Just like I love when animals do human like things {or wear clothes}.  Speaking of animal clothes....I need some Halloween costumes for my pups.  Any suggestions?

5. I am hosting a giveaway over at The Paper Mama - you know you want to enter!

Pinned This Week: Edition 2

I think I am going to make this a weekly Thursday afternoon tradition.  It is fun to go through and look at all that I have pinned throughout the week.  

My favorite pins from this week:

Via here.  I want to make these tinted mason jars.  I always want to make everything and never have enough time. Sigh.

Via here.  There is an oreo inside of a chocolate chip cookie. Need I say more?

Via here.  Shut up. There are no words for the amazing-ness of this look.  

Via here.  I like walls with mis-matched things hanging from them.  If  I lived alone, my house would be one giant mis-matched collection.  But, I have a husband who thinks he has a say in decor.

Via here.  I want to try this do.  I certainly have enough hair.  Maybe tomorrow....

Check out the rest of my pins on my Pinterest boards!

Lovely DIY Designs: Week 8

Two blogger putting their Pinterest inspiration to use.  New here?   Check out this post for a little more lovely DIY designs info.

Last week Heather of {just.lovely.things} and I decided to do a "holiday" schedule for our lovely DIY designs posts.

This season is busy for everyone and it is super busy for handmade business owners.  I have a few craft fairs/shows coming up {including The Queen Bee Market which will also feature Heather's lovelies} and a weekend away planned.  And, all the normal holiday stuff that takes up time.

With all this busy-ness, we decided to deliver lovely DIY designs every other week.  I plan to share a lot of holiday diy's with you all over the next few months.

This week Heather posted a simple and cute light switch cover tutorial.  Pop over to her blog for the entire how-to and join me back here on October 12th for a new Pinterest Inspired tutorial!

Fall Style

I didn't get around to doing any outfit photos last weekend for my Weekend Wear post.   It was just one of those weekends where I did not leave the house.

That's a lie.  I went to the grocery store.  And I am sure none of you want {or need} to see me in yoga capris, a dirty t-shirt, and a hoodie from 2001.  

Instead, I created a little collage of essentials for my fall wardrobe....which I plan to wear whenever I get around to leaving the house.

Skinny jeans {Forever 21}, Heels {UO} or Flats {Old Navy}, Drapey Tank {The Gap} or Blouse {Old Navy}, and Chunky Sweater {ModCloth}

What are your fall wardrobe essentials?

Lucky Me

Yesterday I had jury duty.  It was pretty easy.  Just a lot of sitting around, hoping they don't call your name.  Plus, we got a two hour lunch break so I ate and walked around the downtown mall for an hour.  It was a pretty easy day.

Right after I returned from lunch, my name was called.  Ugh, I did not want to be on a jury.  

If I was still working a j-o-b, I would have given anything to miss a few days of work for a jury.  

Now? I just don't have the time to be away.

They call 40 people at a time and ask questions of everyone in order to narrow the field down to 12 + one alternate.  One question the judge asks is if there is any reason you cannot serve on a jury.  

I told the judge that I own my own business and am a one woman show...so being away is hard.    The judge was a nice, reasonable man and excused me.  See? Being a small biz owner has SO many advantages.

I was away from my house for about nine hours yesterday.  When I came home, the dogs were nuts, the dishes were piled high in the sink and I was tired. 

While sitting in traffic {traffic is the freaking WORST} I felt so lucky that this is not a daily thing for me.  Being away from home and the business all day reminded me once again how fortunate I am to work from home - doing what I love and building my own business.

When things here at Acute Designs get tough, it is easy to forget just how incredibly lucky I am.   And, I thank you all for your support.  It means the world to me. 

If you are feeling lucky {or just want something for free} head over to The Paper Mama and enter my giveaway!  It's a good one.

Call for October Sponsors/Partners

Last call for October Sponsors!  

If you are interested in sponsoring Acute Designs you can purchase an ad in my online shop.  I have one more Large spot and several medium and small.

If you are interested partnering up in any way {guest post, giveaway, etc} email me and we can chat!  I am pretty much open to any type of guest post - just nothing crazy, ok?

I am stuck in jury duty all day today and am crossing my fingers that I am let go as soon as possible.  I am pretty sure my "I run my own business, therefore I cannot be here more than a day" excuse will get me out of there by 5pm.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!

Turkey + Apple Burger

I am in an apple mood and have been putting them in everything lately.  They are the perfect fall fruit and add a small touch of sweetness to savory dishes.

Last week I made easy and healthy turkey+apple burgers for dinner.  These are a perfect week night meal because they're quick and healthy.

My husband actually said this was the best turkey burger he had ever eaten.  The fact that he arrived home at 8:30pm after a 2 hour plane ride and no food since lunch had nothing to do with his assessment.  Nothing.  They were the best turkey burgers ever.

Turkey + Apple Burger {serves 4}
-one package of ground turkey {these usually contain just over a pound of turkey so each burger will be about 5 ounces.  I buy the 93% lean turkey but if you want a super low fat meal, buy the all breast package}
-1/2 an apple, peeled and diced into teeny tiny pieces
-a heaping tablespoon of dijon mustard
-a generous splash of worcestershire sauce

1. Mix everything together and form into four flat patties.
2. Cook on the grill or an indoor grill pan.  I actually prefer these burgers on an indoor grill pan because they are fairly moist and the grill is a little too tough on them.  Grill for about 7 minutes each side or until completely cooked through {no rare burgers when I am using poultry!}

3. Enjoy with your favorite condiments.  For me this is cheese, pickles, a little raw onion, and ketchup.  Perfection.

5 things

I hope you are all enjoying the first weekend of fall!  I am making chicken and apple stew and getting a lot of work done because I have jury duty this week - bleh.   I really hope it doesn't last more than a day.

Here are 5 things I loved this week:

One of my favorite house blogs, Young House Love, turned four this week.  They wrote a great post about what they have learned blogging the past four years.  Lots of good lessons here.

This week over at oh, hello friend was yellow week.  It was a week full of fun blog posts all inspired by the color yellow.  My favorite was Friday's post which featured super cute packaging with yellow accents.

I created a Fall To-Do list - I hope to get everything checked off before the second week in November.  I think it is going to be a busy and fun seven weeks...

I loved these 5 Tips on Photographing Your Home on A Beautiful Mess.  I have been wanting to take and post pics of my house for a while now.  This post got me re-motivated to do so!

Can I just take a moment and say how unbelievably excited I am about all the new fall shows?  I have a slight tv watching problem {and no life} and loved every night this week.

My returning faves are: anything on Bravo {of course},  Modern Family, The Office, Parks and Rec, and Grey's Anatomy.

My current new favorite is Up All Night - so funny and I love the cast.  I also watched The New Girl and thought it was ok.  It was a little over the top, but I think I am going to give it a few more chances.  It might take a few episodes for the characters to come into their roles.  I am also looking forward to the return of House and the new show Pan Am.

Oh, and Boardwalk Empire.  Like I said, I have no life!

What new shows are you excited about?

Fall To-Do List

By "apple picking," I really mean just apple buying + apple butter buying.  I love apple butter.  And it always taste better when you buy it from a little farm stand.

Also, I am a vendor at The Queen Bee Market in November.  If you are in Southern California stop by and say hello!  I will have my entire holiday line there.  It will be filled with lots of sparkle, which is really the best time to wear sparkle, right?

What plans or to-do's do you have for the new season?  

Summer Goals Update

Happy first day of Fall!  With the new season starting, I thought I would look back at the wonderful warm and relaxing summer and my list of Summer Goals.

I have a million ideas and goals running through my head at all times.  I think I take on too much and want to do too much that I am often disappointed when I don't complete everything.

Writing down lists is one way to stay organized.  I always have a small notebook in my bag and I jot down ideas and to-do's all day long.

Another helpful tool is writing my lists on this blog.  In a small way it holds me accountable.  You might remember when I wrote down my list of Summer Goals.  Some I completed and some were failed missions.  Either way, I referred back to that list all summer and it helped me to stay focused.

Summer Accomplishments:
*Made a low calorie/fat ice cream sandwich recipe
*Got my products into two more stores {yay!}
*Completed my studio makeover but I still find it is a daily struggle to keep it tidy....

Summer Fails:
*My e-book has been on my list for a while now and it is something that I am slowly doing.  I have had so many people contact me asking for more details on my healthy eating plan and I want to have it all together in a nice downloadable e-book.  I am mad at myself for dropping the ball on this one and plan to put it on my Fall to-do list {which I am working on and plan to post later today}.

Did you accomplish all on your list this summer or did you just take the time to relax and enjoy the lazy summer days?

Pinned This Week

I know I am not alone when I say that I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  Almost every day I think "ohhh, I need a board about such and such" and I create one and then start pinning like crazy.

I decided to post a few of my favorite pins each week.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably have already seen these.  If not, follow along, it's fun...but don't say I didn't warn you - it is oh so addicting!

{Image via here.  Pinned to my fashion needs board.}

{Image via here.  I am going to make a version for my nephew next week.  It was pinned to my fullest board - DIY links.}

{Image via here.  Tips for photographing your home - something I plan to do next month - pinned to my blog stuff board.}

{Image via here.  Pinned to my Prettiness board.  Ahhhh - so pretty!}

{Image via here.  YUM - pinned to my sweets to make board.}

Do you have any favorite recent pins?  Are you a Pinterest addict too?   If so, leave your username below and I will look for your boards!

Shop Update: Autumn-Inspired Hairpin Sets

In honor of the first day of Fall, I am introducing a few autumn-inspired hairpin sets.  If you receive my {Acute} Deals email, then you should have received an email this morning with a special offer of each set at 40% off this week only!

More fall designs are currently for sale in my shop.

If you don't receive my bi-weekly deals email, but would like to get in on the amazing deals, you can sign up here.

Who am I?

Last week, Chelsey at The Paper Mama wrote a fun post about herself.  I enjoyed it, thought it was a fun idea, and decided to write my own.

At first I thought writing a blog post on my own blog and prefacing that it will be all about me is kind of redundant.  I mean, isn't this whole blog just about me?  

Maybe you will love it or maybe you won't.  Or, maybe you are one of my ten friends/family members that read this and you already know everything about me....  

Anyways, I decided to keep my Who Am I? list to 10 things {I love lists}:

1. I love to cook and eat.  I mostly love eating what I make.  I have an over-eating problem and I blog my recipes over on taste, my food blog.  Due to my love of eating, I try to keep all my recipes slimmed down and healthy.

2. A lot of people think I am not a very nice person when they first meet me. I apologize.  I am nice, just shy and a little socially awkward {I even wrote about this for Design*Sponge a few months ago}, which comes off as bitchy, but I am not a bitch.  Well, sometimes I am, but not all the time.  That would be ridiculous.

3. I am not an overly excited or bubbly person.  I think this has something to do with #2.  If you see me really excited about something, I must be crazy in love with it.  In the same respect, I don't get really angry over things either. I am usually really even-keeled. 

4. I am extremely sarcastic and it gets me in trouble a lot.  Especially with my husband.  He thinks I am "out of control."  Sarcasm is fun.  And funny. Enough said.

5. I am beyond obsessed with my dogs.  In a borderline unhealthy way.

6. My favorite kind of movie is something that takes place at least 100 years ago. I really like watching and thinking about how people might have lived in the "olden days."

7. I am extremely honest.  I never steal or lie or cheat anyone out of anything.  I like to chalk this up to my amazing morals but I am sure it has more to do with years of Catholic schooling.

8. I am afraid of outer space and spiders and heights and falling and roller coasters...and so much more.  I have a lot of fears and am the opposite of adventurous.  Ice skating is too adventurous for me.

9. Almost a year ago, I quit my dreadful full-time job to venture full-time into my own business, Acute Designs and blogging/freelance writing {you can find my writing here and here as well as guest posts}.  I have days where I cry because I think I am going to fail and days where I feel like I can accomplish anything.  It has been an exciting year and I am looking forward to working hard and growing the business even more.

10. I might be shy at first, but if you get to know me {or give me a few beers} I never shut-up!  

Was this tmi?  If you write your own "Who am I?" post, leave a link - I would love to read it and know you a little better!

Weekend Wear: Layers

I am really starting to become a Fall girl.  I love the idea of cooler days and fall foods.  And, I really love me some pumpkin ale.

I have not always been this way.  The first 26 years of my life were spent in the Midwest and I always dreaded fall because it meant that winter was right around the corner.

Now that I am living in Southern California, I miss the change in seasons. Go figure.  We want what we can't have....right?

Last Friday was a nice Southern Cali Fall day.  It was cloudy and a little bit chilly.  I took full advantage and layered a light sweater over a loose fitting tank.  

It was fun to dig through my cool weather clothes....even if I have to go back to my hot weather clothes this weekend, as the forecast is for temps in the 80s.  Oh well, not having much of a fall is a small price ot pay for not having a winter.

And pumpkin ale still tastes good...despite the 85 degrees and sunny skies.

Flats and Sweater: The Gap
Earrings: Noon
Bracelets: Acute Designs

So long old friend...

My family's "mascot," Bizket, died over the weekend and I am so sad.

Bizket {an American bulldog} was adopted by my brother 12 years ago.  She lived with me for a few months when my brother was in between moves and was later transferred to my sister and her husband who "owned" her for the second half of her life.

Every time she needed surgery, she stayed at my parents' house to recover.  

Essentially, she lived with all of us at some point throughout her twelve years, which is why we consider her our family mascot.

She was the best dog one could imagine.  Quiet, smart, protective, and so, so sweet.  

Prior to my brother adopting her, I was actually a little scared of dogs.  I was always afraid of being jumped on or bitten by a dog...until I met sweet Biz.  

She was my first dog love and my heart will always hold a special spot for her.

Rest in peace old girl....you were the best anyone could have ever hoped for.


Photo Challenge: Red

This week at The Paper Mama, the photo challenge is the color Red.  Entries must be of your child or pet with the color red somewhere in the photo.

I took this picture of my niece last weekend and just love it.  The picture totally captures her serious, yet cute and inquisitive personality.  I hope a picture of my niece {and not one of my fur babies} isn't against the rules - I couldn't resist!

Happy Weekend!

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend, wherever you are!

September Sponsor Love, Part 2

A few more of my lovely September Sponsors....

You probably already know Heather of {just.lovely.things from our weekly lovely DIY designs collaboration but if not, you must stop by her blog.  She is constant fun and positive energy.  In addition to the blog, Heather also runs an online shop by the same name that sells, what else? Lovely things.  Find her on Facebook and Twitter too.  

Dana, of The Wonder Forest, is the lovely and super talented lady that designed this here blog.    Stop by her blog to see more of her design talent as well as her fantastic style.  In addition to the blog, you can find Dana via her online shop {where she sells THE cutest handmade plush animals}, Twitter, and Facebook.

Over at Pie N' The Sky, Melisa blogs about fashion, style, crafting, and so much more.   You can find her on the blog daily or selling her adorable handmade wares in her Etsy shop.  Want more Pie?  Well, she's on Twitter and Facebook too :).

Liz is the author of The Blue Eyed Owl, a blog all about things vintage, handmade, and her life as mom, wife, and indie business owner.  She runs an online vintage and handmade boutique on Etsy and has a retail space at the Main Street Antique Mall near her home in Mesa, AZ.  Liz loves to connect with customers and other indie biz owners - find her on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook!

Victoria, of Garden of Eden Designs, creates a lovely little corner of the internet world where she blogs about her inspiration, fashion, handmade, and more.  You can find her at the blog or in one of her two online shops {jewelry} or {art}.  In addition to creating, selling, and blogging....she is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Interested in sponsoring Acute Designs in October?  Please check out my sponsor page or email me for details.

5 Things

These past few weeks have been non-stop go for me.  Unfortunately a small cold I was nursing turned into a full blown horrendous cough that keeps getting worse.  

My husband said I need to go to the doctor and I told him doctors are for wimps :).

Hopefully it clears up soon.  

Five things that I loved this week:


It was pumpkin day Wednesday and I made two delicious and healthy pumpkin recipes as part of my lovely DIY designs post.  Pumpkin in everything. It really is what we Americans do during the fall months.

I saw these on Gap's website and really love them. I think they need to be part of my fall/winter wardrobe.

Chelsey over at The Paper Mama, wrote a post about being nice in the blogging world that I loved.  I think it is sad when people hide behind their computers and act like we are in high school.  I am too old to be mean or to care about the negativity.  All you haters out there need to just stop.

*Blue Dressers*

{image via here}

I have a piece of furniture that is in need of painting, so I tagged a bunch of blue dressers on Pinterest.  My piece of furniture is not a dresser, it is more like a cabinet and I think it would look pretty awesome in a rich cobalt blue.

*Laguna Beach*

One of my oldest and best friends was in L.A. for the week with her husband and new baby.  They were staying with her sister en route on their big move to New Zealand.  We met up for the day in Laguna Beach and had the best time.  I love when you can see a friend that you haven't seen in two years and it is like no time has passed.

Say hello....

...to some of my special September Sponsors!  

They are all pretty awesome bloggers/business owners/creators/and so much more:

Stephanie is the creator of Luxe Boulevard - a place for women to express their style and to indulge.   To see more of Stephanie, be sure to check out the Luxe Boulevard blog, shop, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dondi is the talented lady behind DondaLee's - a home for all things handmade + more.  Learn more about Dondi on her blog and view her lovely creations in her shop.  She also offers design services and for a limited time is helping people out by offering her services for FREE!

Kelsey is a budget-conscious fashion blogger who loves pairing colors that are mismatched, wearing waist-cinching belts and shopping online. She also collaborates with her husband to write Words of Williams, a blog about marriage, faith and their journey to become parents.  Fin her at her fashion blog, Snappy Casual, Twitter, or Facebook.

Tara blogs over at Beautiful Blendings when she is not running crazy in her everyday life. She started her Etsy shop just a few short months ago and shortly after starting the blog in January of this year. She was so incredibly inspired by the blogging community and has met some of her most favorite people in this world. She has always been the girl who writes and creates and for a short while she was hiding from that passion. Now she is fully embracing her love of making pretty things {such as headbands, clips, and all things baby and beautiful} and writing her little heart out.  You can also find Tara on Facebook or Twitter.

Interested in sponsoring Acute Designs in October?  Check out my sponsor page for details.  And a huge thank you to all of you that support this blog.  It means the world to me.  


Weekend Wear: White Dresses

Last weekend my husband and I were in Chicago for our nephew's baptism.  We were honored to be godparents for the little munchkin.

I decided to wear a lace white dress from H&M {I also wore it for my bridal look book shoot} that I accessorized with my favorite wide brown belt and brown shoes.  

I loved the look - and I accidentally {on purpose} matched the baby of honor who wore a white Christening gown that my dad wore over 60 years ago.  So cute and sentimental - perfect.

{Baby Michael and his big sister, Elsie}
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