Grateful Friday: The Royal Wedding, Warm Weather, and April

The Royal Wedding has completely taken over the media and I am ok with that.

It is nice to have a little happy news on a Friday morning.

I cannot stop looking at Kate's veil.  Stunning. 

And all the hats and fascinators.  I wish America would embrace this tradition.....

{All photos courtesy of MSNBC}

This Friday I am grateful for the pomp and circumstance of the Royal Wedding, the warm weather we have been having, and the month of April {which was my highest online grossing month to date - yay!}.

See more grateful posts over at Maxabella Loves…

What are you grateful for today?

Right-Now Wishlist: Tunics

A second wishlist for today.  I guess I am just lusting after a lot today.  I think it is this new diet way of eating I started this week.

I started to do a right-now wishlist about my favorite foods, but I got so hungry that I had to stop.

I have a serious food problem.  Saturday's cheat day is going to be so out of control.

This warm weather is perfect for a tunic.  They are effortless and comfortable.  And, if it is a little chilly you can just add a pair of leggings.

Right-Now Wishlist: Mustard and Turquoise

I have a new obsession - the combination of mustard and turquoise. 

It is a little bold, yet works so well...especially for spring and summer.  These items are on my wishlist this week:

Dress: Lulus
Cardigan: Boden
Shoes: Seychelles
Bag: Ruche

Weekend Wear: $16 and 3 years

Yesterday was my three year wedding anniversary so on Saturday night, my husband and I went out for dinner and a few drinks.

I would have gone out last night too, but we just started a new and fairly strict diet and I have never met a dessert menu I don't like...

I wore this dress to our Saturday night dinner date.  I bought it last week at Francesca's for $16. 

Such a great find. 

I think the colors are a bit dark for this season, but I couldn't resist wearing it!

Dress: Francescas
Headband: Acute Designs

Home Decor: Blue and Gray Chair

I love the combo of blue and gray when it comes to decor.  My entire bedroom is blue and gray.  The colors have a bit of a depressing reputation, but I love them together.

I bought this chair a few weeks ago for $20:

After browsing around for some inspiration, I am going to stain/paint it a gray-ish brown.  Something like this piece from Ikea:
and cover the cushion in a blue patterned fabric.

{1, 2, and 3 - Jo-Ann Fabrics and 4 - Ikea}

Any fabric favorites?  My current favorite is #1.

Much Love Monday: Ohio

I love this Ohio silhouette I created over the weekend. 

Check out this week's Acute How-To Post on Scoutie Girl for the simple diy instructions. {Post will be up on Thursday.}

"I never saw my hometown til I stayed away too long...." {whoever can name the song wins for the day!}.

Happy Monday - I hope you all have a fab week!

Link up over at Much Love Monday and share in the Monday love.

Recap + Happy Easter

This week flew by - anyone else?

The first few days of the week, I had a god friend visiting so I stepped away from the computer to show her around town.

One stop was La Jolla where we watched the seals, stopped by Francescas {I got a $16 dress!}, and ate gelato.

I brought my sweet little dog, Gordita, with us.  She was intrigued by all the noise the seals were making, so I lifted her up to give her a better look.

{Her name fits her...she is 45 pounds and it took all my strength to keep her up!}

The rest of my week was super busy.  I got my finished photos from a shoot I did a few weeks ago with Anne Martin, and I love them.  She did such an amazing job.

{More photos from the shoot can be seen here or on my Facebook Page.  Many styles are already listed for sale in my Etsy shop.}

I finished the book Water for Elephants this week.  It was ok.  It didn't blow me away, but the story was interesting.  Mostly I decided to "read" {I actually listen to books while I work} it because of the new movie staring the extremely attractive Robert Pattison.

Water for Elephants

I love when books I have read are made into movies.

Next up is Cleopatra: A Life.  I am starting it today.  I am so fascinated by her. 

Powerful women in history are so fascinating.
Cleopatra: A Life

Yesterday was Earth Day and just about every blog had a celebratory post. 

Read my thoughts here or pop over to Down & Out Chic to read Christina's Earth Day Post.  It was my favorite of the day.  So beautiful.
If you celebrate Easter - have a wonderful holiday!  If not, then have an amazing {non-holiday} weekend!

Spring/Summer Lookbook

A few weeks ago, I did a photo shoot with the amazing Anne Martin.

She took a few pics of my spring and summer pieces and her friend helped me out with the modeling.

It was such a fun few hours and the results are gorgeous

Here are a few of my faves:

See the entire lookbook here.

And, for more amazing photos,  or if you are in need of a photographer, check out Anne's website.

My earth motto

Since today is Earth Day, I have a few thoughts.....

Those that do nothing to help are just as guilty as those who contribute to the problem. 

We can't all do everything all the time, but each of us can do something. 

Respect this earth by making conscious decisions. 

The realization that everyone is connected and the choices I make do have an effect on others, is one of the most powerful things I have learned.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 

That is my motto when it comes to how I care for my bit of this earth.

Happy Earth Day and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Right-Now Wishlist: Casual Spring

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in the Jess LC Design Your Look Challenge.  Sadly, I didn't win. 

I didn't even make it to the top 10 {whomp, whomp} but it was fun!

Two great things that came from the challenge:

1. It introdcued me to Polyvore.  I feel like an idiot for not knowing about this site up until a few weeks ago! 

Have you all tried it?  If not, you should.  It is a really fun and easy way to make a collage of your favorite items.

2. It got me thinking about my spring wishlist, which seems to change every week.

So, in regards to number two, I am going to put together a weekly, right-now wishlist.

Here is my first one:

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: Toms
Bag: H&M

Fun with feathers

This week I had a request for a custom fascinator with feathers.  I rarely work with feathers and am not sure what I think of them. 

Maybe it was just the ones I purchased, but they seemed to get everywhere.  It drove me crazy.  And, since my feather-making skills are limited, I had to experiment quite a bit.

I shipped off the final product today and was pleased with it.  I think I might even add a few feather pieces into my repertoire.

These gorgeous feather hair adornments from BHLDN have the wheels in my mind turning....

My Go-To Outfit + Weekend!

I hope you all have liked the go-to outfit series this week!

I had a lot of fun putting it together and seeing so many cute outfits.  A big thank you goes to all the bloggers that participated. 

Finally, I got around to taking pics of my own go-to outfit....

Skinny jeans, Toms, loose-fitting tank, and a cardigan. 

I can easily transform this into a "going out" or "night time" look by adding jewelry and heels and a nicer cardigan.  {Who am I kidding? I never go out...}

I love this look!

I hope you all are having a fab weekend!  I have a friend visiting and it is going to be super warm so I assume we'll end up at the beach. And a bar.  {Probably several bars.} 

My Go-To Outfit: Kelsey of Snappy Casual

Kelsey of Snappy Casual is another blogger I "met" through the 30 for 30 Remix.

Her style is so fun - I love looking at her almost daily outfit posts.  And, the past week she has been styling her husband. 

I would love it if my husband would let me style him....but you guys would get sick of the black t-shirts and jeans.

There's a lot going on with this outfit that I love for spring:
  1. Color blocking. This is actually my first attempt at color blocking, and I really liked it! The colors are unpredictable, but they work well together.
  2. The color coral. Anything pink or orange is hot for spring! I'm also loving loose and flowy blouses, so I'll definitely be wearing this shirt a lot.
  3. Colored, cropped pants. I was so excited when I spotted these at a clothing swap last month. And I was even more thrilled when they fit me perfectly! I'd been wanting to try brightly colored pants for a while, and it offered me a risk-free opportunity to try it out.
  4. Nude patent heels. The outfit is fairly bright, so I didn't want to add yet another color. These nude heels are just the perfect touch of softness to an otherwise bold look.
Trench: Target
Brooch: Target (I think?)
Shirt: Maude via boutique in Austin
Pants: VANS via clothing swap
Shoes: Target

{Thanks Kelsey!}

My Go-To Outfit: Jess of IROCKSOWHAT

Jess's blog {IROCKSOWHAT} always makes me laugh. She is a young mom who blogs about her baby and...just about everything else. 

She has a cute and laid back style that I just love.

Being comfortable is a major priority of mine (that and if I get my daily nap). So something I can throw on but still looks feminine is a plus. This dress from Target is the best for lounging around the house or even sitting out in your yard. It can be dressed up and down. And how can you go wrong with some Vans sneaks?

Dress and Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Vans

{Thanks Jess!}

My Go-To Outfit: Kristen of I'm Learning to Embrace

I "met" Kristen when she became a lovely customer of Acute Designs

Her blog, I’m Learning to Embrace, is mostly about fashion, and a little about motherhood and life in general - it is a lovely and inspiring blog.

What exactly is a go to outfit anyway?
Well it should be easy, comfortable and most importantly make you feel good.

I'm way too indecisive to have a go to outfit
but I'll tell you what I definitely do have, that is a go to piece.

It is a short sleeve ruffle hem open cardigan made by Oatt usa. I found a it a small local boutique while visiting my friends and family in Colorado Springs.

What I love about my go to piece is it can be worn dressy or casual, warm weather or cold, any time of day!
That being said I have shown my go to piece and it's versatility with three different outfits.

Over a basic tee casual, (black v-neck shirt Target, jeans 7 for all Mankind, turquoise bead necklace Pier 1) good for any day as a stay at home mom...

Over a tee shirt dress with flip flops (ruched tee shirt tank dress and charm necklace both Gap) perfect for lunch with the girls...

And with dressy black slacks (pink tank Target, ruffle hem cardigan TJ Maxx, pink flower cuff Target) ready for a client meeting...

So whether you have a go to outfit or simply a go to piece just make sure it makes you feel good. A smile shines brighter than any outfit.

{Thanks Kristen!}

My Go-To Outfit: Megan of Made by Maison

I found Megan's blog a few months ago via the 30 for 30 Remix.  I immediately fell in love with her super cute style and am now a big fan.

Check out Megan's blog, Made by Maison, for almost daily outfit posts and fashion inspiration.

This spring I am taking a break from my tough working woman ensembles (hard edges, neutral colors, pulled back do's, and miles of stiletto heel) and getting in touch with my inner girly girl.

 Now, don't get me wrong, I work hard for the hard, honey bunny (or however that song goes), but I like to do little "closet revivals" every now and then, and let me tell you: the spirit is moving.

This spring I'm planning a return to all things soft and feminine. I'll be looking for flowy floral dresses, big straw hats, summery wedges, and nail colors with names like "Mint Candy Apple". Now who's with me?

Picture this outfit sans tights and add wedges, et voila! A spring look I'm dying for.

{Thanks Megan!}

Please Vote!

Remember last week when I posted my ideal spring look?

Well, I submitted that look into a contest on Jess LC's blog and...

I need your votes!

If you aren't too busy and wouldn't mind popping over to Jess's blog {Makeunder My Life} and typing "Gina Acute Designs" into the comments section under THIS POST....I would be so grateful!

I hope you all are enjoying the go-to outfit week here!

My Go-To Outfit: Kymmie of a day in the life of us

I have a soft spot in my heart for Australian bloggers.  Not sure why, but I do and Kym is one of my favorites. 

Her blog, a day in the life of us, is fun, sweet, and so honest.  I love seeing the posts with pics of her super cute sons and her weekly outfit post - Fancy Pants.  Love her blog!

How is it a woman with a wardrobe full of clothes can say, "I have nothing to wear?"

Well, that's the question I face each morning in a bid to rush out the door. With all the clothes I own, I often resort to just a few essentials. Being a mum of two young lads (Madison - 4, and Noah - 1), I spend my day running to and from kindergarten, swimming classes and playgroups whilst juggling working two days from home and one day in the office. It's a mad life, but so fulfilling, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

My style has changed a tad since children. For instance, on weekdays, I mostly trade in my chunky wedges for flats. I also don't dress up as much as I once did (cutting back on one's career can do that). But one thing that never changes, I'm a fan of neutrals and have been for as long as I can remember. Lucky for me it's autumn in Australia - and neutrals are some of the hottest colours right now.

In Australia, skinny cargoes are debated heavily. You either love them or hate them. Me? Once I tried them on, there was no looking back. Not only are they stretchy, warm and flattering, they are just so comfortable. And if your clothes are simple, there's room for a pop of colour in the shoe department. I love these flats, and because it features every colour of the rainbow, they go with everything.

I'm in love with these pretty bangles and my necklace - a gift from my best friend (which has my boys' names on it, and my two step-daughters' too). And this bag? It's big enough for three drink bottles, a nappy bag, wipes, and all my essentials too! Plus it's soft, gorgeous, and (surprise, surprise!) neutral.

If I'm honest, this outfit is on high rotation. I'd wear it even more, but it really does need to be washed every now and then...

BELT, JeansWest
BAG, Jag

Kymmie's blog a day in the life of us features a weekly style post everyone can join in called Fancy Pants as well as an interactive Try Something New Every Week challenge. Now she's a mum, she takes one day at a time, discovering the highs and lows of marriage, parenthood, work, a mortgage (or three), and all the stuff in-between.

{Thanks Kymmie!}
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