The Real Housewives of Orange County Gave Me a Headache

I am not sure if it was the $4 pinot grigio from Trader Joe’s, Jeana’s life sucking depression, or the fact that everyone is broke, but I had a huge headache after watching the Housewives last night. Is it just me, or is this season a little sad? The whole premise of this reality show was to showcase people living lavish lives, unlike the rest of America. Now, all they do is talk about how poor and broke they are. It has become a theme for the show and it is depressionville all the time.

Here are some highlights and lowlights of last night’s ep:

Gretchen and Slade Smiley head to Scottsdale, Arizona (headache begins) for Gretchen’s new friend’s birthday party. Gretchen refers to this friend as “new” because they presumably just met and Bravo invited Gretchen to her party. New friend was more than happy to oblige because what is classier than having a reality TV crew at your birthday party?
Before the party, Slade and Gretchen run around the hotel giggling and making bad sexual jokes. Then, they sit by the pool and get serious. They talk about Slade getting his vasectomy reversed (ewww) and about how poor they are. Yes, they are so poor. Poor people always go on vacation and sit by the pool all day long. And, if they are so poor, why don’t they get jobs? I don’t mind the housewives talking about their money woes, but I wish they would just get jobs and STFU about being poor. They are not poor. Poverty does not look like them. (Well, financial poverty does not look like them. Poverty of the soul? Yep, that’s them!)

So, Gretchen and Slade go to the party and scream at the new friend’s waaay ca-ute dress. They drink steamy pink drinks, make out, get drunk, and do pole dances. All the while, Bravo cuts to an interview with Gretchen in which she discusses her and Slade’s sex life. (Head is pounding.)

Yeah, it really was that bad.

The next morning, Gretchen is extremely hung over. She and Slade just sit around their hotel suite giggling. I counted 5 different words Slade used in an attempt to be cool. Words such as “bee-otch.” Stop, head, please stop pounding. Slade also cleverly named Vicki “Ficki.” Why? Because she’s Fake and she’s Icki. Good one Slade, you are so witty. (Or, you watch too may cartoons.)

Back in Coota de Depression, Tamra decides to pop by Jeana’s house. She wants to make sure Jeana hasn’t topped herself yet. Luckily, she has done nothing of the sort. Instead, she has let her dead beat soon to be ex-husband move back in to her nearly foreclosed on house.

Jeana tells Tamra that she will not be going to the Bravo sanctioned La Perla party because she is over the Housewives and over the drama. She would prefer to stay at home and cook her ungrateful children some hot dogs.

Next up is Alexis, Jeana’s replacement. Alexis is a 32 year old housewife with three small children. She has 3 year old Jesus, and 2 year old twins, Malarkey and Milky. Her husband forced her to name the first child Jesus because he is a Jesus freak. OMFG don’t get me started! In order to stay organized, I must make a list of the ills of this newest Housewives addition.

Why Alexis Kinda Sucks:

1. She puts God first, then her husband, then her children. Need I say more?

2. She is a “busy” (oh you’re sooooo busy) stay at home mom with TWO nannies. Two, yeah, I said TWO. Are you freaking kidding me? I know little kids are a lot of work, but it’s not like you have a job you need to be at every day. Stay at home moms with full time nannies piss me of about as much as people who think letting their dog sit on a deck all day is proper exercise (my neighbors). New Rule (thanks Bill Maher) if you don’t want to raise your kids, get your tubes tied.

3. Her husband likes to talk about how G-o-d is so important. (Head is pounding towards the point of vomit.) I wonder if this ever so important God has told him to treat his wife like shit? That’s the God I want to believe in! Yay God!

4. Alexis and Jim go out to eat and she orders a very specific drink. She orders a festive margarita, on the rocks, with only 6 round ice cubes (the kind that look like short, fat tubes), the juice of 2 organic limes, 13.125 pieces of lime zest, 16 grains of salt that are in a zig zag pattern around the edge, and just a dash of Jesus Christ’s saliva (because he comes first). Then she says she is just erotic about her food! (I think she meant neurotic, but don’t judge, she spends so much time on God that she had no time to learn anything, ever.)

I love when my husband controls me, it means I never have to think or work.

5. Overall, Jim is just controlling. At the restaurant, Jim tells Alexis she is talking too loud and instead of telling him to shut up (which is what I would have done) she attempts to hide the hurt that she feels with a smile. She was not talking that loud and there was no one else there. (Head is so so sore.)

6. I think Jim is the reason Alexis sucks. She has been brainwashed by the evil Jesus freak. Hate.

Elsewhere, Tamra is still jealous of Gretchen and now she will also be jealous of Alexis. Currently, she likes Alexis, but I am sure that will change.

Tamra and Simon also hate each other. They have a 4th of July barbecue and invite Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Freak. Tamra tries so hard to be fun and funny, but all her nastiness just seeps from her pores. She makes snide remarks towards Simon and no one finds them funny, instead everyone just gets really uncomfortable. I think I hate Tamra the most. She deserves to be broke.

Poor Lynne has to move to Laguna. Her daughters are so sad and her husband Frank admits that he made bad decisions in the real estate market (him and everyone else in the OC). So, they are moving. It is a boring scene.

Vicki is busy making all the money in the OC, and she barely appears in this episode. There is one scene where the producers force Jeana to stop by Vicki’s house and it is all so awkward. My head hurt so bad, I had to fast forward a little.
Finally, we get to the La Perla party. The wives try on lingerie and the husbands laugh uncomfortably. Tamra is trashy, Slade is a creep, Alexis is bound and gagged by her husband and stuck inside a dressing room until she is allowed to come out again, and Vicki shows up late and looking as if she is so superior. When asked why she is late, she says, “Because I’m the only one who works.” It was great, and so true.

The final scene is the worst. Jeana and her bratty kids all sit around and eat hot dogs and talk about nothing. Then Jeana cleans her kitchen while a video montage to her Housewives life cuts in and out. They show her estranged, 70s porn star looking, ex-husband Matt, and my head explodes. Buh-bye Jeana and good luck!

The end.

 Bye Jeana!  Take care of yourself gurrrl.

Acute Designs is Live on Etsy

A month or two ago, I emailed my friend Crystal and told her she should start an online shop on Etsy.  You see, Crystal is a really good sewer.  Like really, really good.  The stuff she makes is very professional looking. (I can sew, but it always looks like it's my first day at the sweat shop.)

Crystal, who is always down for anything creative, (especially when the potential to make money is involved)immediately thought the shop was a great idea.

So, I waited and waited, and she never got around to starting the shop.  In her defense, she is a very busy person.  And I mean busy in the real sense.  Not someone who just talks about being busy all the time in order to sound super important.  She actually has two jobs and friends and charities and busy things like that. 

Well, I had more and more ideas flying into my head; so many things I wanted to see in the shop, so I invited myself to be her partner. In the past few weeks, I have set up the online shop and posted some of my creations.  (My sewing can use some work, but my glue gun skills are top notch, like I have been at the sweat shop for years.)

Fortunately for this partnership I sit in a cube for eight hours, five days a week with little or nothing to do, so I took the reins.  I gave Crystal (sewer extraordinaire) a few projects to work on and those designs will be up soon.  For now, it's all me and my glue gun! (Seriously, so much can be done with a glue gun.)

Acute Designs is up and running on Etsy.  Check us out, buy something, tell your friends, family, co-workers, tweet it out to your world.  Save me from my 9-5! 

There are just a few things in the shop at this very moment; however I am adding stock weekly.  My brain is overflowing with ideas.  If you happen to buy something...send me a message, mention this blog and I will give you 20% off.  I am so is the holiday season after all.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - No one has any money.

It is apparent that the ladies of the OC know that this show is a job (Tamra actually looked at the camera last night and said “I quit!”) and they are just riding it out for anything they can get. You see, all except Vicki are  broke and suffering from the tough economy. Tamra has to sell her house and Gretchen has to have a garage sale. I would feel sympathy, but I am not that nice. These women are why the economy is bad. They buy buy buy everything they cannot afford, then vote for any politician that promises they can stay rich and then boom! Everything collapses and all that is left is their reality show.

Last night’s episode began with the conclusion of the season premiere’s dinner/cuff party. Tamra yelled at Gretchen and Gretchen yelled back and finally Tamra quit and stormed out. Vicki is on Tamra’s side, so she left with her and Gretchen stayed with Lynne and Jeana. They discussed how Tamra is white trash and she acts this way because of where she comes from. (Yeah she is!) Lynne cries because nothing was about her or her beauteous cuffs, it was all about Tamra and Gretchen. Poor Lynne.

"If I didn't need money, I would seriously quit."

My thinking was…isn’t Vicki a little WT? Remember her ex-husband who lives in a trashy suburb of Chicago? Remember when she escaped him and built her bizzy business from the ground up? Props to Vicki and her money making abilities, but I think she might also fall in the “white trash with money” category. No one will admit Vicki’s trashiness because she is so rich. She has all the money left in Cota de Cuta and they all worship her and fear her at the same time.

The next day, Gretchen is feeling down. She is sad that she didn’t rise above all the drama so she decides to cheer herself up with a tanning party. Ladies and gentleman this is where I went blind. Why? I was blinded by the site of Slade Smiley’s, ahem, cock in a sock.

First of all, Gretchen looked like a school girl in her red bow and I just couldn’t stop hating it a little more each second it was on screen. Second, Lynne’s 16 year old daughter asks if it’s ok if she “just has one beer.” Lynne tried really hard to act shocked and horrified by yelling “Are YOU KIDDING ME! NO WAY!”  When we all know Lynne usually buys her children beer.  She is such a cool mom.

Then, all the guests take turns tanning! What a fun party game. Lynne doesn’t want any tan lines so she takes off her top and covers her boobs with her hands. Well, the tanning lady needs to her to hold her abnormally short arms out and she doesn’t know what to do! She cannot hold her breasts and stick her arms out straight…too bad her face isn’t a little bit more droopy, or she could just use is to cover her chest. Gretchen is such a good friend; she covers Lynne’s boobs for her. That is so much better than the tanning lady seeing you nekked.

This is way better than tan lines!

Slade, Gretchen’s really awkward and gross boyfriend makes sexual jokes throughout the scene. I was so embarrassed for him. None of it was cute, fun, or authentic. And Gretchen’s mom was there, so it was extra wrong. This is when it happened. This is when he decides to go tanning, but doesn’t want any tan lines, so he covers his man bits with a sock, then calls Gretchie poo over for a laugh. She of course dies with laughter. I vomit a little in my mouth.

It was so much worse on film.

Later in the show, Lynne further displays her excellent parenting skills by taking her 19 year old daughter, Raquel, to a plastic surgeon’s office. Lynne wants a new face and Raquel wants a new nose. It will be so fun! Mother-Daughter recovery! Yay.

"Can you make me look less like a man?"

Vicki’s daughter Brianna (note- Brianna is the most normal and sensible person on this show) just graduated from becoming a nurse school, so Vicki is taking her to Italy. Every time Vicki says Italy, she actually says “Iiiiiitaleeeee!!!”

Vicki needs Brianna to help her pack ten different suitcases for ten different days. One suitcase if full of bathing suit attire. Vicki packed an entire suitcase of bathing suit attire for a ten day trip to Rome. This my friends is why certain Americans should not leave the country.

Vicki, Brianna, and Vicki’s mom arrive in Rome and the hotel isn’t big enough to hold all of Vicki’s stuff. “Everything is so tiny!” Vicki takes her daughter shopping, but isn’t that impressed because the Dollar is so weak and that makes everything really expensive. “I would take South Coast Plaza shopping any day over the shopping in Rome!”

And, to top it all off, the Italians don’t speak English and it’s really hard for Vicki to order a California merlot. “They…they don’t speak English,” were Vicki’s exact words. Stop. Just stop travelling out of the country. (Well, you can go to Cabo, but never ever go anywhere else again.) People like Vicki make it hard for Americans to travel. She went to Rome and realized her OC money wasn’t enough, and her head was too big (physically too big) to fit inside the hotel room, and she just took a giant crap all over Rome.

Jeana takes her daughter shopping at H and M. Jeana is poor now and has to shop in poor people places. Thankfully, Jeana is leaving the show next week. I am happy for her and a little surprised. I think she is the poorest of all the housewives and she has made the mature decision to stop sucking from the Bravo bank. (They give you money, you give them all of your self-respect. And class.)

Due to Jeana’s pending departure, Bravo is slowly introducing us to Alexis. Alexis is a blonde, butter face. She says that she puts God first, then her husband, then her children. Those poor kids. Should I adopt one?

Alexis and her hubby Jim go to dinner with Simon and Tamra. Jim and Simon have done some business deals together, but Jim still makes money and Simon does not. Simon’s in the tequila business and doesn’t understand why he is not making as much as he was two years ago when he had an actual job. This economy is so tough. It is so hard to make money doing nothing these days.

While at dinner, Simon and Tamra display that they obviously hate each other, while Alexis and Jim spend the entire dinner bragging and high fiving about how much they love each other. They are the best couple ever, didn’t you know?

Next week, we get full time Alexis and buh-bye to Jeana. I have a feeling that Alexis owns a DVD box set of all the seasons of The Real Housewives and that she is going to lay it on thick. She will know just who to pick a fight with, who to stab in the back, how to waste money, and so one.

I am genuinely looking forward to all of it.

The Hills and The City – It is really getting bad…

Last week I was in Chicago visiting my sister, her husband and their baby who was born about six months ago. When my sister was in the hospital, preparing to give birth, a nurse asked if she had a name picked out for the baby. My sister told her that they were planning on naming the baby “Elsie” in which the nurse responded “Oh, like LC from The Hills?”

My sister, who doesn’t watch The Hills, was confused. Fortunately, her husband understood the reference and said “No, we are not naming our baby after Lauren Conrad!” They concluded that this nurse was too stupid to be partaking in the birth of their baby...

When I watch these shows, I often wonder about myself. Why do I watch these shows? Do I watch them because I want to blog about them? I think that is part of it but then how do I explain all the previous seasons that I have watched and not blogged about?

At least I can take comfort in knowing that I will never, ever take The Hills as seriously as some young nurse in Chicago takes it.

Last night as I watched The Hills and The City, I continuously analyzed what was real and what wasn’t real. On the blog The Cut (part of New York Magazine’s website) the posts about The Hills always have an “Unequivocal Hills reality index,” stating what is obviously not real and the few things that are real. I added in some Real or Fake observations after the scenes, I am sure you will agree with my assessments.

The Hills

Heidi got a couple of obvious pet shop puppies for her birthday and was playing with them in the yard. Of course, weird tiny actor Enzo was there. As Heidi fondly watched Enzo play with her of the moment pups, she thought “wouldn’t it be nice to have my own child to take care of these dogs? I get a new dog every few seasons, so rather than disposing of them; I could have a baby to take care of them.” (Enzo is actually a midget MTV hired to play the child next store = Real; Heidi’s puppies = Fake.)

Is that one puppy, or two?  Is Enzo a child, or a midget?

Heidi decided it would be a great time to tell Spencer that she needs a baby. Right. Now. She is only 22 god darn it and it is time to start a family.

Spencer’s response was to see a doctor about a vasectomy. For once, I did not disagree with his actions. The last thing these two need to do is procreate. There are enough crappy human beings running around this planet. (Heidi’s insane desire to have a baby = Real; Spencer’s “doctor” = Real but will probably lose his license.)

After meeting with the doctor, Spencer opts not to have a vasectomy (damn it!). Instead, I think Heidi is going to “accidentally” get pregnant. Based on the previews for next week, even Audrina thinks that is a bad idea. If Audrina thinks you are acting crazy, then you are pretty crazy. (Heidi’s plan to get accidentally preggers = Real….if there is a god, this will not happen.)

I really, really need a baby.  I have nothing else going for me and no one is buying my singig career.

In other news, Kristin and Brody have gone on a few “dates.” They even went to Brody’s mom’s house. Brody’s mom greeted them with a tray of “lemonade.” The lemonade was green and had limes in it, so it was obviously margaritas. Is Kristin not old enough to drink or something? Why hide the margs?

Yes, that is Brody's Mom's thong showing.

I don’t want to be mean, but Brody’s mom is the fakest looking person I have ever seen. She looks worse than that real life Barbie person. You know the lady who has had about 300 operations to make herself look beautiful, but instead she just looks chopped up and haggard?

Picture a life sized Barbie doll. One that has a section of its hair melted (I didn’t know you couldn’t use a curling iron on Barbie’s hair!) and whose head is actually a Barbie balloon. Do you have that picture? OK, now melt half the face and you have a woman far more normal looking than Brody’s mom. (Brody and Kristin’s relationship = Fake)

Ok, so maybe I meant to be mean. I am just jealous of her Barbie Malibu mansion. (Brody’s mom = Real. Sad, but true, she’s a real one.)

Oh...My eyes!

After hanging with Brody’s poofy, melty mom, the kids head to a club where Jayde will most likely be. Jayde shows up with a lot of friends who look way to excited to be on a reality show. She is excited to go ooowt to this club because they have the best DJ and the best table. Well, she was excited until she spots Brody sitting next to Kristin.

Jayde flips and she and Kristin smack each other while Jayde’s gross desperate-looking friends scatter about, trying to look tough. (Fight = Fake; Jayde’s Disgustingness = Real.)

Elsewhere, Audrina is going to meet with Justin Bobby and she could not be more excited! She is so excited, that she meets Lo for lunch without even bringing a purse. What else does she need besides her credit card and cell phone?! She has Justin Bobby and that is all that she cares about.

JB and Aud have dinner and Justin says a long dramatic speech about how Audrina betrayed him or something and she storms off and cries in her car. She is the most desperate person to ever grace my television screen. The excitement in her face when she told Justin that Kristin has been hanging out with Brody was so pathetic I wanted to kill her. (Audrina’s undeniable, will slit her wrists, obsession with Justin = The Realest Thing on The Hills.)

Love me Justin! Please, love me!
The City

Very little happened last night…oh wait, the gang all went to Miami. Roxy got Whitney in trouble because she charged food to the room and left Whit at a club and then was late to the fashion show. At the club they met up with Whitney’s friend, Nick. Nick thought Roxy was amazing, so she ditched Whitney to hang out with him. (Whitney and Nick’s friendship = Fake; Nick’s interest in Roxy = Fake. This entire scene, including the “club” they were in = Fake.)

"You're amazing.  Let's ditch Whitney."

When they returned to New York, Whitney and Rox got in a little trouble with Kelly. It was fun to watch Kelly yell at Roxy and Whitney, then watch Roxy make some comment, then watch Kelly come back for more yelling. That was the best. (Kelly’s bitchiness = Real; Roxy = Fake.)

Don't mess with Kelly.

When Kelly announced that Whitney and Roxy would be going to Miami to work, I felt so bad for all the actual employees at People’s Revolution. You could actually hear faces dropping when Kelly made the announcement. It must suck to work at a company that has been taken over by a reality show. (Whitney and Roxy deserving this trip = Fake.)

Coincidentally, Olivia and Erin were also sent to Miami to do some work for Elle Magazine. Olivia is so small that she made her first class plane seat look like an over sized couch. She barely occupied one tenth of the seat. The entire flight, Erin made dirty faces at Olivia, then while in Miami she proceeded to complain about Olivia to everyone. I know Olivia is annoying and doesn’t try very hard to do a good job, or any job...but Erin’s constant complaining and mean looks have got to stop. (Olivia’s job at Elle = Fake; Erin’s disdain for Olivia = Very, Very Real. Scary Real.)

I hate Olivia so much.  It is all I think about and all I talk about.

Erin is so above people who don’t want to work and reality show characters, but she must know this silly reality show can really work in her advantage. She needs to take advantage of the MTV machine and stop acting so spoiled. She has been in a huff all season and I am bout up to here with it.

And the Elle boss man needs to get a clue. Or at least stop being so obvious that MTV is paying you to like Olivia. (Joe’s belief in Olivia = Fake.)

Why is there an LMFAO song in every single one of MTV’s reality shows? Did MTV create this group? They are all over the network.

That’s enough. The City was practically un-watch-able and next week looks worse.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season Five, Episode One

The Real Housewives of Orange County is back and as ridiculous as ever. This is the 5th season of the show and only two of the original ladies (Vicki and Jeanna (spelling = yuck) are still participating).

At some point during the season (probably sooner than later) Jeanna will be leaving the show to concentrate on her fledgling career family. When Jeanna leaves, a new fame hungry and bored housewife will be joining the cast. The new housewife will be a skinny blonde with breast implants and a rich husband.  Big surprise!

The first episode of the OC did a lot of catching up with the housewives. We learned what has happened since last season, who likes who, gossip site rumors, money issues, blah blah blah.

Here is what I think of the women, thus far:

1. Jeanna

Jeanna seems a little bit depressed. Her family has gone from five, to one lonely 17 year old son who has to tell her to not go shopping. Her other children have been mean to her for the past three seasons and now that her income has been cut down, they don’t have any use for her anymore. Whatever happened to her deadbeat washed up baseball player husband? I bet she is still paying the rent in his over-priced OC apartment and all of his bills. Like the children he set an example for, he is also taking advantage of her.   Poor Jeanna.

Jeanna will leave the show mid season, and it cannot be soon enough. I watch these types of shows to ogle at the ladies’ fancy lives and their ability to spend money (often money they don’t have). I also watch to laugh while they fight like the immature former sorority girls they are. I don’t watch the Real Housewives to feel sad for a used, disrespected woman who is probably really nice, but who allowed her children and ex-husband to chew her up and spit her out. Please go Jeanna. It has been nice knowing you.

2. Vicki

Vicki is the business woman. She is the only housewife that makes the money and has supports her family. Actually, she is probably one of the only housewives who is consistently getting richer (and not just from her Bravo pay check). Apparently, she is so busy. So busy.

Vicki and her husband fought a lot last season and fell out of love. Since then they have seemingly gone to therapy and made a joint decision to work things out and love each other again. Vicki claims that she doesn’t like any of the housewives and that she is only friends with Tamra. She also claims to stay out of the drama in order to not get brought down by it.

She is in it for the money. She is like a crazy money hungry animal that will do anything to grow her business. Lucky for me, she doesn’t read blogs because she doesn’t have time. She is just so damn busy.

3. Tamra

Tamra is white trash with money. I know it, you know, and her husband Simon knows it.  Tamra and Vicki are the Mean Girls of the OC.  Tamra hates Gretchen with a passion (she's most likely transparent) and thinks it's normal to talk about Gretchen all the time.  Seriously, all Tamra talks about is her perceived hotness and Gretchen.  At lunch with Vicki, to her husband, all the time it's Gretchen this and Gretchen that.  I take back the jealousy comment, she is in love with Gretchen.  That's the only explanation.

This season Tamra has marital problems and money problems.  Her husband isn't making money, which causes his ego to suffer.  This in turn causes him to be extra uptight and mean to Tamra.  Tamra is now a little Reality Celebrity that has the press calling her all the time (to ask about Gretchen, of course) so she might break free of Simon this season. 

4. Gretchen

Last season Gretchen's older boyfriend died of cancer.  It was sad (not really) for her.  At the reunion show, there was a lot of juicy info given by Tamra.  Tamra told Andy Cohen that Gretchen was only with the ancient man because he was paying her.  Well, no shit Tamra.

Thsi is what I really think happened - Gretchen met the old man and fell in love.  The old man got cancer and it was no minor case.  The old man needed constant care and Gretchen loved him, but it's not like they had been married for 20 years...she was not ready for this sort of care taking and selflessness.  Gretchen wanted to be free to get drunk on boats and speed around the OC in a sport scar.

Gretchen couldn't break up with the old guy because he had cancer.  Not even Gretchen is low enough to break up with a dying man.  Tamra?  Maybe.  Gretchen?  Obviously she just waits for the guy to die.

The old guy realized all of this so he bought Gretchen tons of gifts and supported her because he loved her and wanted to keep hetr around.  I think Gretchen loved him at some point, she just got tired of all the cancer stuff and couldn't leave the relationship.

Now, Gretchen is the sad victim who lost her love (she was about 6 months away from breaking up with him, then he dropped the cancer bomb).  She is also the sad victim that Slade snatched up. 

Slade was on previous seasons of the OC.  I am just going to say, this man has. not. aged. well.  Wowzers. 

This season we see Tamra yell at Gretchen because Gretchen is a liar and Tamra is the one who gets to judge.  I am looking forward to some great fights.

5. Lynne

Lynne is back from last season, with her line of jewelry cuffs and bikinis.  Her husband has lost all their money in failed business ventures.  Am I the only one not at all surprised by this?

Like my new face?

In other news, Lynne is getting a face lift this season.  Can't pay the mortgage?  Mae yourself feel better with a face lift.

6. Alexis

Alexis is the new housewife.  She didn't appear in the first episode.  I guess they are saving her for the day Jeanna does the world a favor and leaves the show.  All we know about Alexis is that she is a stereotypical OC housewife and that Vicki does not like her.  Vicki never likes the new girl because she is the original.  Yes, once Jeanna leaves, Vicki will be the longest running housewife in Bravo history, this proving she really will do anything for money.  She is so busy.
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