Please excuse all the silence around here.  I have been working 15+ hour days prepping for Renegade {Southern California people it's in Los Angeles this weekend - stop by and say hello!} and trying to keep up with holiday orders.   My color dipped brass earrings are flying out the door.  It makes me happy to think of all the people out there with pretty hand painted brass dangling from their ears.

I really wish I had an intern right about now.  My fingers are sore and my eyes are tired and I am surviving on cookies and coffee and Christmas music, but it's all a good feeling.  

When I am busy I can muster energy I didn't know I had in me.  

I wake before 6am and don't get into bed until midnight and I rarely feel tired.  I am sure it will hit me sometime next week...but that's ok because I will have a little time to sleep.  And the week after I will be in Ireland, which means lots of sleeping and eating and drinking Guinness and overall relaxing.

I hope you are all having a good week.  

xoxo, Gina


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