Lately I have been....

Creating much for this weekend's Queen Bee Market, online orders, and inventory for a few shops that stock my product.  Lots of creating.  It is a good thing.

Eating ...cookie dough.  I have a problem with raw foods.

Watching ...the modern day Sherlock series from the BBC.  I found it on Netflix and highly recommend it if you like mystery/crime type shows.  It is really clever and really well done.  I find all these Sherlock Holmes shows and movies fascinating.  I wonder what Arthur Conan Doyle would say if he could see what his stories inspired?

Worrying ...about Gordita.  She had surgery Tuesday to remove a lump on her leg {it was just a fatty deposit - not scary cancer} and now she won't take her pills.  I have given her antibiotics in the past and she would just eat then on her food or tucked in dog treat. Until yesterday she never refused anything nominally edible and now she is spitting out all the best human foods {with treats inside} and puking.  I know she will be ok but it freaks me out and makes me sad.

Excited ...for the new Anna Karenina movie.  I loved the book and I am sure the movie will be dark and beautiful.  I am also excited for Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season.  Food and shopping - it's a great combination.

Planning stuff - diy's, recipes, gifts, and our trip to Ireland.  We leave in about a month.  Crazy.

Thankful ...for Facetime.  Yesterday I Facetimed with one of my best friends {and her little son}.  They live In New Zealand and Facetime makes them feel like they aren't so far away.   It is such a great invention.


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