Monday, November 12, 2012

busy weekend snapshots

It was a good weekend.  And a busy weekend. I did some cooking and baking as well as prep for the Queen Bee Market. 

We also went to two different parties {so popular ;)}, caught up on Boardwalk Empire {I love Owen SO much, but he's going to get himself killed}, and tried to stay warm.  It was a chilly 65 degrees on Sunday....brrr.

I spent all Sunday afternoon in the studio working and watching season two of Upstairs Downstairs on  I am such a sucker for British period dramas.  I am also a sucker for productive tv watching.  Let your kids do their homework in front of the tv, they will learn to multi-task.

I hope you all had a really great weekend.  I cannot believe next week is Thanksgiving. What the hell happened to 2012?  I swear just yesterday it was March.

xoxo, Gina

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