Thursday, October 25, 2012

The room for living...needs a change

If you walked into my living room right now, you would see lots of neutral colors.  I love neutral but I am slowly adding pops of color to this room.  It needs some color.

The living room mini re-design I am working on looks a little like this....

Medallions painted yellow ~ I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy over a year ago and fell in love with the ceiling medallions painted yellow and mounted on the wall.  I think it would add such nice texture and color to the room.  Plus it's a really inexpensive diy wall art.

Sleek floor lamp ~ This is a little bit of a need.  My husband recently broke our floor lamp while watching the Ryder Cup.  The European team won, he jumped up, shot his arms into the air, hit the lamp and broke it.  It was a $5 lamp from the Salvation Army, but wow.  Men and tournaments.  Who knew?  

Neutral Couch ~ We currently own the Karlstad from Ikea.  I love it. It's simple and clean lined and comfortable.  But the color is so plain, it needs some pop.  So, I bought several new throw pillow covers.  The yellow one is from here and the gray and doily print one {which I bought in gold} are from here.  I LOVE them.  Such an inexpensive and simple way to add newness and color to a space.

Striped throw ~ I have absolutely NO need for a new throw blanket.  I live in a warm climate and already own FIVE of them.  But....I really love this simple striped one from West Elm.

Glass Lamp & Neutral Shade ~ A few months ago I thrifted a really pretty vintage glass lamp for $10.  I love it and have been meaning to buy a shade for it.  I think I will go with something super simple and neutral.  {pictured lamp is from Pottery Barn and shade is from Target.}

My goal is to have this all done before the holidays.  The only "project" is the medallions, but that seems easy.  I think I can get it all done :).

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  1. I saw a couch similar to the black one above in a hotel in victoria and I really wished from there that I can take that wonderful piece of furniture home.


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