Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Queen Bee and a little Gatsby

I have been super busy the past few weeks preparing for the first Queen Bee Market of the season and for my Gatsby inspired photoshoot.

Now that both the market and the shoot are finished, I have a few days to get my life in order.  I tend to let everything else go when I am busy!  Today was filled with cleaning, paying bills, and other boring tasks.

The Queen Bee Market was another great experience.  I loved the look of my booth, however it was a ton of work to set up on my own, so I doubt I will replicate it any time soon.  My arms/back are still sore!

The Gatsby inspired photoshoot I did yesterday went so well.  It was just what I envisioned and I could have never pulled it off without the help of Amanda from Thorne Artistry and Emily of MLE Photographs.  They are both just so good at what they do.

I have this little sneak peek pic {taken on Amanda's iPhone} and I love it.  I cannot wait to share the final photos and the ten new designs with you guys in a few weeks!

Also, my before and after makeup photo ~ I was so transformed!  I love the dark lips and went out today to get the same color gloss from Target.  This is new territory for me people.  Wish me luck ;).

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  1. Your booth looks amazing! And I can't wait to see te rest of the photos from the Gatsby shoot, you look beautiful in that sneak peak!! :-)


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