Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yellow and Gray Doily Art

One of my favorite diy-techniques involves a piece of lace and spray paint. It is so easy I am not even sure it it qualifies as a "technique."  If you can operate a spray paint can, you can manage these diy's.

I used this "technique" to spruce up an old lampshade and transform a plain board into a lace trimmed a jewelry display stand.

At least once a week, I have to tell myself to NOT spray paint something covered in lace.  I think it would look amazing on my dining room table, but my husband would probably hate it.  What do men know?

Last weekend I used the spray paint over lace technique but used a doily instead of the lace.  Genius.  {If you haven't noticed I love doilies as much, if not more, than I love lace.}

I created two yellow and gray doily accents for my home and I love them. The only problem is now I have an urge to cover everything I own with spray painted doilies...

Project One: Doily Dry Erase Board

I made these pretty dry erase boards about a year ago.  I love them but I have been sick of the fabric for a  while now.  So, I decided to switch it up.  

Supplies needed: Large picture frame {with glass in it}, fabric, a doily {I find them at antique stores all the time for less than a dollar}, spray paint.

The first thing you need to do is cut the fabric so that it fills the frame and has an extra inch or so on all four sides.

Lay the piece of fabric on the ground {best to do this outside} and position the doily anywhere you would like it to appear.  

Spray paint over the doily.  Try not to get spray paint everywhere on the fabric - just on and around the doily.  Wait a few seconds and carefully peel the doily from the fabric.  

If you wish to do so, position the doily on another spot and spray again.

Let the fabric dry for a few hours, insert it into the frame, cut off any excess fabric, and hang. 


Project Two: Doily Canvas Art

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and immediately knew it was something I had to try.  My kitchen walls are a little bare so I decided to create two small doily canvases to add a fun pop of color to them.

Supplies needed: A canvas or two {any size you wish}, two colors of spray paint {I used yellow and gray because, well, duh :)}, a doily or two.

Go outside and entirely cover the canvas{es} with one color of spray paint.  I used yellow as my "base" paint.

Wait a few hours for this to completely dry.

Place a doily anywhere on the canvas and spray the entire surface {doily and canvas} with the second color of spray paint {for my canvases, the second color was gray}.

Wait a few seconds and remove the doily.  I saved my spray painted doily, as I know I will use it again.  It should probably be noted that the spray paint will not come out of the doily so it might be best to not use a family heirloom or your favorite doily.   

Hang and enjoy!

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