Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Handmade 101: About me page

One of my favorite parts of a blog is the about me page.  I hate when I stumble upon a new blog and cannot find one - or all that exists is the little blurb from the Google profile.  

I am nosy and I want to know more!

I completely understand the enigma that exists in the blogging world.  We bloggers can share details of our lives, outfit photos, obsessions, and so on but at the same time, can also be really private people.

An about me page doesn't need to list super private details, just something about you.

Imagine if we met at a mutual friend's party.  Said mutual friend would introduce us by saying "Oh! I am so glad you two are finally meeting.  You are both bloggers and probably have a lot in common!"

What would you tell me about yourself?  You probably {hopefully} wouldn't talk about your first heartbreak or your parents' divorce or that time you got arrested in college for smoking pot {these things can wait until we are real friends} but you would tell me a little about yourself.  Who you are, what you do, etc.

That's what I like to see on an about me page.  There is no formula for how to write a good about me page, just do what feels natural.  Some are long, some are short and the best ones feel like you just met the blogger for the first time.

Also, don't be afraid to change your about me page from time to time.  Your blog will evolve just like your life, so keeping the same page for months and months doesn't make sense.  

Side note - I am guilty of forgetting about my page and then being totally horrified when I click on it and it hasn't changed in months.   Don't be like me - read your page every few months and make changes where necessary. 

A few of my favorites:

Kendi Everyday - simple, to the point, and you get a sense of her personality and writing style.

A Beautiful Mess - very descriptive, pretty photos, and gives you a good taste of what you will find on the blog.

Carosello - A little about her life, a little about her business, lots of photos, and a FAQ section {I love these because like I said I am nosy and probably have all the same questions!}.

My Favorite and My Best - She is ridiculous and I love it and you get just that when you read her about me page.

Story of My Life - When I first read this about me page I knew I would love the whole blog.  It is so honest and detailed and I could relate to so many aspects of the blogger's life.

Tara Gentile - Clearly explains what she does, what her blog is all about, and provides contact info {so important if you wish to be contacted}.

Harpers Happenings - A true taste of this blogger.  You feel like you know her after reading her about me page.

Like I said, there isn't a formula for a good about me page.  If you read all the above, you will notice that each one is a true reflection of the blogger. In my opinion those are the best kind of about me pages.

How do you feel about your about me page?  Do you love it, does it need work, or do you not think it matters?

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