Monday, June 04, 2012

Being Busy = Exhaustion

These past three weeks has been cray-zay busy.  I like being busy.  It makes me happy and it makes me feel inspired.  The bad side is the exhaustion factor.

The smart thing would be to eat healthy and get a good night's sleep every night, but sometimes {often} I don't do the smart thing.

I have been ignoring sleep and eating crappy food.  Food like McDonald's drive thru at 10pm.  Don't judge - the Rolo McFlurry is ridiculous and amazing.

Sometimes you just do what you gotta do.  That's life, right?

This week is all about catching up on all those little things I have ignored {like paying bills and laundry} and getting my eating/sleeping back to a healthy level.  

In other news, The Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad was awesome.  I sold a lot, bought a few things, and had a lot of fun.  If you own a handmade shop and are located in the SoCal area, I highly recommend vending at the next Queen Bee.  It's a great show.

{Acute} flower studs in lace-edge flower pots from Ikea.

New hand-painted brass earrings and hand-painted studs.  I am going to list these in the shop in the next few weeks.  Almost all of them sold, so I need to make a bunch more.

Stretch Velvet Bow Headbands

I found this wood piece at the Salvation Army.  It's perfect for displaying headbands.  I meant to paint it....but ran out of time.

Felt Flower Headbands in a pretty Ikea flower pot {btw, Ikea has so many new pretty floral items}.

More hand-painted brass earrings.  Some new, some old.  

I will share some of my favorite items from other vendors + what I bought later this week.

I hope you all had a fun weekend!

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