Friday, June 22, 2012

4 things friday

Happy Friday!  Sorry, just four things today.  My brain is tired and that fifth one is not happening.

**I am definitely sold on the maxi dress trend and I think I might try to make my own.   Realistically, I will spend $10-$20 on fabric, get frustrated, give up, and go to Forever 21.  But, right now I think it might be fun....

I like this tutorial and this one.  They both seem doable.

**Looking for something sweet?  Try my peanut butter dark chocolate rice krispie treats.  Warning, they're addicting.

**These bottles from Anthro are really pretty.  I have an idea to diy some.  It may or may not work.

**Have you guys seen the show Girls on HBO?  I recently watched all the episodes on HBO Go.  It's good and funny.  I enjoy it but I do feel a little old watching it.  

The girls on the show are all in their early 20s so they are definitely a generation behind me.  When I was enjoying my first year {jobless} after college, I didn't have Facebook or an iPhone or even a laptop to entertain me.  

I just watched talk shows all day and borrowed my roommate's laptop to check my email and hope that maybe I could get an interview for a job I could have managed when I was 14.  Life was good :).

Anyways, I am rambling.  The show is good, check it out and let me know if it makes you feel old too. 

What are you up to this weekend?  

I plan on bathing my dirty pups, running some errands, and relaxing.   Hope yours is a good one!

I am linking up with rogue & whimsy for friday finds and favorites!

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