Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend + Picture Overload

So, another crazy weekend that left me no energy or time to post on Monday.  Yep, that happened again.

I have about a week and a half left of craziness and then I can relax for a minute.

Saturday I worked all day getting ready for the North Park Festival.  Sunday, I was up earlier than usual to walk my dogs, pack the car, and head to the show.  Luckily the show was only about two miles from my house, so we left all of 5 minutes before I needed to be there.

My husband {who is an engineer but I often question if he can even change a lightbulb} was a genius at putting up the new tent I had recently purchased. I have truly realized that he does know how to do things, he just prefers to play dumb to avoid diy or handy type work.   Can you imagine the possibilities if he actually enjoyed diy projects??  My house and blog would be amazing.

An-eee-ways....the show was a lot of fun.  It was super busy with a constant stream of people.  And the best part?  I exceeded my sales goals.  Exceeding goals is kind of the best thing ever.  Especially when they involve money.

 Setting up....

Staying nice and cool under the tent Neil assembled

 Neil...I think he was trying to leave :).

Glitter Bands and Felt Flowers

Flower Studs


Handmade Flower Bobby Pins

My reflection

Vintage Jewel and Flower Pins

Brass Earrings

Glitter Studs

My friend Julia of The Love Stitch was set up in the booth next to mine.  Her stuff is all so cute and I loved her booth and display.

Thanks to everyone who came out and said hello!  It was so good to see some of you.  Now I am off to clean and organize my studio and start preparing for the Queen Bee.  Which is in less than two weeks.....

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