Wednesday, May 30, 2012

36 Hours in San Francisco

Last weekend my husband and I spent a quick 36 hours in San Francisco.  

Mostly eating and walking around...what else would you do for 36 hours?

Where we stayed.

A walk through Chinatown.  I first visited San Fran when I was 11 years old and Chinatown is exactly the same.  It is oddly comforting.

One of the best salads I have had in a loooong time - butter lettuce, green beans, figs, a few walnuts, and baked goat cheese.  And I don't even like walnuts. YUM.

Beer cocktail.  Yes please.  So freaking good.

Oh you know, just hanging out in my hotel room, taking pictures of myself in the mirror....

I wanted to go to Coit Tower but our flight was delayed and there wasn't enough time.  Next visit.

Coach Neil at the Youth Gaelic Football Tournament on Treasure Island.

Pretty views from Treasure Island.  

I could have stayed a few more days, but this 36 hours was pretty fun :).

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  1. I love San Francisco :)) I miss Calofornia!


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