Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sponsor Faves - Part II

To highlight my sponsors this month I am choosing a product or blog post {or more} that I love.  Check out my favorite picks from each of them - they are all pretty awesome.

Blue Eyed Owl - Every Thursday, Liz hosts a thrift score thursday link party.  She posts her recent thrift scores and everyone links up theirs.  I love it.  I have a thrifting problem and it's nice to know that I am in good company.

All Kinds of Complicated - I loved Kai's honesty in this post. So great.

Lemons, Avocados, and The Bay - Tammy is so funny and open.  This post about budgeting is something I have had to face in the past....I am sure we all have.  And her post about her amazing facial made me laugh.  She is someone I have friended in real life and I love how her personality completely shines through her posts.

Ma Nouvelle Mode - Natalia does the best hair tutorial videos.  This latest one makes me want to NOT have messy hair ;).

Pineapple Lily - I love everything about Melissa's outfit in this post.   Girl looks good.  And she has about 17 kids - all under the age of three {not really, but kind of...}.  Amazing.  Melissa also posts almost weekly beer reviews.   Mmmm, beer.  She is totally a girl after my own heart.

Fawn and Flora
 - I just bought this tape from Fawn and Flora.  Love me some lace.  If you purchase a little something from {Acute Designs} you might just se it on your package!

Jessica N Designs - Jessica gave a little sneak peek of these herb markers {make from vintage knives} on her facebook page and I loooove them.  If I ever get my herb garden together, I am going to purchase these.  {btw, an herb garden has been a yearly goal for me - everything always dies!}

Mama and The Dudes - Mandey is in the process of moving her little family from SoCal to Portland {exciting + stressful!} and this post about their temporary house made me jealous.  Doesn't it look awesome?  I love SoCal, but sometimes I feel like moving...a change would be nice.

Driver Photo - Amanda of Driver Photo is the sweetest and this couple session that her and her biz partner/husband shot is so cute.  

Thanks for reading a bit about my sponsors today!  They all mean a lot to me and I am so thankful to have each and every one of them ♥.

Interested in sponsoring {Acute}?  I am offering 40% off all ad space through the end of July {you can pay now for months beyond that and get the discounted rate!}.

Check out my new Sponsor Page for details and enter code BlogHer2012 when you purchase.

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