Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four Years Ago

Four years ago I was married.  I found myself saying the other day "four years is a long time to be married!"  But really, it isn't that long of a time. It just goes by so quickly....I cannot believe it has already been four years.

A few weeks ago when I was walking my dogs, I started thinking about my husband {I do my best thinking on dog walks} and I challenged myself to come up with five words that describe him.

Part of me wanted to say things like "annoying" or "crazy" because sometimes a husband/partner is annoying and sometimes they can drive you crazy.  But I decide to go the positive route.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget what is so great about this person that I chose to marry.

Neil in five words:

1. Loyal - When he loves he loves whole-heartedly and he will defend them to the death.

2. Sensitive - he wears his heart on his sleeve and is not one of those guys who "hides" his emotions {I am the one to do that}.

3. Silly - he is just so funny.  He always makes me laugh with his malapropisms, unnecessary drama, and overall craziness.

4. Empathetic - Neil really feels for people.  In their good times and in their bad times.

5. Charming - but genuine.  His charm is not something he fakes. He means it.  He might forget about it in five minutes...but he means it.  It is why he is so successful in his career and why his employees always tell me he is the best boss they have ever had.  It is also why - no matter how hard he tries to push people away, they want stick by him.  His bark is far worse than his bite and deep down, he is sensitive and sweet and charming.

A few months ago I shared one of Neil's poems on this blog.  He is a fantastic writer.  Today I am going to share the poem he wrote the night before our wedding and read at the reception.

When you smile,
I smile with you,
When you cry.
I am nervously silent,
When you speak, 
I try to listen,
and each dancing day
I know.
I am walking next to God's moment
in time,
I am walking next to friendship
in life,
I am walking next to all that matters,
and I smile at the end.
And as that breeze come off the ocean and clears my mind
I realize
You and I are together
You and I are smiling
My friend
My love
My smiling bride.

I am not much of a poet - so I will use this line from a Death Cab for Cutie song....

Happy Anniversary to my crazy, funny, and sweet husband!

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