Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts on design + yesterday's photo shoot

Yesterday I had my 2012 Bridal Line shoot.  This time around I had the super talented Amanda of Thorne Artistry do my hair makeup.

As I was sitting in her chair, trying to make my eyes not water, I realized that I have never had my makeup done by another person.  Not even at my wedding.  {I kind of forgot about the makeup part and just had to do it myself...ha!}

Anyways, it was fun.  I am definitely enlisting Amanda's services again.  I felt so fancy and my skin was flawless. Basically, I felt like a blonde Kardashian.

During the shoot, Amanda would fix my hair and arrange the pieces *just so* on in my crazy hair.  Where all she been all my life??

She also took a bunch of pics with her iPhone.  I love them all and cannot wait to see the final photos.  

I really pushed myself this time around and was a bit nervous at first but now that the shoot is done and I can sit back and take a breath - I have to say I am really happy with the finished designs.

It is so easy to doubt yourself and what you're doing - do you know what I mean?

And then if your designs aren't well received/don't sell well, you will doubt yourself even more.

I have been designing and creating for over two years now and it has been a process.  I feel like I am finally getting in a groove and knowing exactly what I want - rather than flipping around trying to please potential customers.  

Pleasing potential customers has proven to be a futile exercise.  It constricts creativity and in the end - what's the point?  To simply make money?  

Yes, I want to make money but if that is all I wanted, then I would just go get a "job."

Designing becomes so personal.  More personal that I ever imagined it would be.  It's my idea - from beginning to end.  It is what I stay up late doing and what I spend my weekends making.  It's why I bounce out of bed every morning.  It's mine.  

I love that it's all mine, but that does make it hard to NOT attach emotion to everything I do.

Anyways, I am totally rambling.  But my point is - after these past few years and several collections, I am really getting to the point where I feel like I have a style I love.  I know it will continue to evolve and change {which is the fun part of this business} but I feel confident in what I have created.

Here are a few pics.  The dress I wore is from H & M.  I bought it last year and wore it in my last bridal shoot.  I think it was worth the $38!  The shoes I bought a few years ago at a Marshall's in Cleveland when I was visiting a friend. They were $8 and I still wear them all the time.

{All of these are iPhone photos taken by Amanda of Thorne Artistry}

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  1. Such lovely pictures! I can't wait to see the final pictures. Also, gotta love Marshalls and their amazing finds!


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