Friday, March 23, 2012

Photoshop for Bloggers is here!

I am so so so excited about this.  It has been a lot of work and a lot of learning but also a lot of fun.

About two months ago, I enlisted Leonora of Yellow Heart Art to collaborate with me on a little project.

You see, Leonora is a graphic designer/Photoshop extraordinaire and I am.....well, neither.  Up until a few months ago I was actually a little afraid of Photoshop.  Yes, I feared a piece of software.

But you know what?  I found out that it really is not that intimidating.  You just need some patience and a good tutorial.

I cannot give or sell you patience {I have to keep any extra for my impatient self} but I can give you access to some amazing tutorials.

Leonora and I put together an e-book called Photoshop for Bloggers.

Our intention was to create a basic, beginner's guide that would help everyone get over their Photoshop anxiety and start taking advantage of all that this program can do.

In the e-book you will find tutorials on creating a vignette on your photos, making blog and shop banners/buttons, creating silhouettes, re-sizing photos, how to re-touch photos, and so much more!

Part of the tutorials were written by Leonora using Photoshop 5.  That's the real deal Photoshop and she breaks down some super basic techniques with thorough instructions and graphics.

In addition to the Photoshop 5 tutorials, I also share a few Photoshop Elements tutorials.  Elements is kind of like PS 5's little sister.  It can do a whole, whole lot....just not as much as PS 5.  Plus it's cheaper.

So, if you're looking to take the Photoshop plunge but are scared of the price tag - check out Elements.  Eighty percent of the tutorials in our book can be applied to both Elements and Photoshop 5.

We are officially releasing Photoshop for Bloggers this Monday, March 26th. If you are interested in getting your virtual little hands on it, you can pre-order your copy between now and Sunday night for a discounted price of $16!

Go here to pre-order your copy...
and have a very, very happy Friday!

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  1. This is awesome Gina! Whenever I convince my bf to let me splurge on PS I will definitely be getting this e-book! Congrats! I bet it was a ton of work!


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