Friday, March 16, 2012

5 things friday

Hello Friday!  I am in Cincinnati - we got here around 7pm last night.  After leaving our house at 5am.  It is such a long trip.  There is nothing non-stop and we have about a million free Southwest tickets so we always use those.  

The free tickets are awesome but using them means we have to fly to Columbus because Southwest doesn't fly to Cincinnati.....which makes the trip extra long.

This country is too freaking big.  And I live too far away.  That's my assessment :).

We got here safe and sound and that's the most important part.  And I got a good night's sleep last night in preparation for the crazy weekend.

Later this afternoon {if rain doesn't ruin it. ::fingers crossed::} I am meeting up with this girl for a little photo shoot in Over-the-Rhine.

And tonight and all day tomorrow my husband's band plays.  I might be dead by Sunday, but it will be from a worthwhile cause.

5 things from the week:

*How about making my shamrock cookies or my lucky me banner for St. Patrick's Day?

*I was featured on MaieDae's 5 things series yesterday and I discussed "5 things I have learned from running a handmade shop."  Check it out!

*A few weeks ago I gave you guys a little info about a Photoshop project I am working on with Yellow Heart Art.  Well, it's almost done....expect more details next week.  Also, I will teach you to make fun silhouettes.  Who doesn't love a silhouette?

*My Love Food: Lose Weight e-book has been selling like crazy these past few weeks {I think everyone is looking to lose a few pounds before spring}.  

Through Sunday night, I am offering 25% off when you enter the code skinny at checkout.  Do you need a little maintenance for your eating habits?  Do you want to kick start some healthy weight-loss?  If so, check out Love Food: Lose Weight.  

*Last thing - I am hosting a huge giveaway over at Gussy Sews.  Stop by for a chance to win!

That's all for now - have a happy day. 

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