Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Top 5 Blogging Tips

I often get questions from new and aspiring bloggers in regards to the "secret" of a successful blog.  I guess the biggest secret is that it's hard work and it can be time consuming.  If you love it, the time commitment or work won't bother you.  

I love blogging.  I look forward to it every day.  And days when I am not feeling it, I don't force it.  I would rather post quality over quantity.

I certainly don't know everything about blogging and I am definitely not the most successful blogger around.  But, I have learned a few things these past few years....and thought I would share.

1. Be yourself!  I have blogged about being genuine before and I really think it is so important.

2. Photos - This is totally a personal preference of mine, but in most instances I think it looks so much better if all the photos are the same size. Also, good photography helps.  I am not a great photographer by any means but I have improved a lot since I started this blog.  Find online tutorials, buy a book or two, and learn how to take better photos.  It  will do nothing but help.

3. Who are you?  I like a nice, thorough, about me page.  Maybe this is a little stalker-ish of me, but when I stumble upon a new blog, I like to learn a little about the blogger.  A well done about me page always makes me so happy.

4. White Space - I am not even sure if I am using this term correctly...but I like some white on a blog.  A colored background hurts my eyes.  Super busy blogs with buttons all over te place also hurt my eyes.  There is no "correct" amount of designs or buttons for a blog.  It will vary based on your design.  My suggestion is to look at your blog for a while.   Does it seem cluttered?  If so, remove a few things or re-organize the space.

5. Design - If you are like me and don't know very much about graphic design/html then hire someone!  A talented designer can make such.a.difference.

OK, so those are my top 5 blogging tips.  Do you blog?  What do you consider to be your top blogging tip{s}?


  1. Thanks for this! I just recently started blogging and its so difficult getting started. I have been searching the web (well Pinterest really) looking for all the tips and advice I could get and this was so helpful.

    1. I hope these tips help - good luck with your new blog!

  2. I really appreciate all the great tips! I recently started blogging and my camera broke so I am using my phone . I really agree about the pictures. Thank you!!


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