Shop Update and Faux Milk Glass

I have been wearing the same two pair of heels for the past two years.  They're a little tired, but I love them both.  They're comfortable, plus one pair is gold.  And I love gold.

I decided to dress them up with these bow shoe clips - bows and lace turned my tired heels into the perfect spring shoes.

I took another step {pun intended} and created small flower shoe clips.  So cute! 

Get yours here. {More colors to come....}

Also, my diy in today's Acute How-To column is one of my favorite diy's ever.  So simple, yet it produces amazing results.  Pop on over to Scoutie Girl to find out how to make your own faux milk glass.

Payless Spring Shoes

I am in need want of some new shoes for spring. As I browse my favorite fashion blogs, I keep coming across super cute shoes from Payless. 

I am usually indifferent about Payless.  Don't love them.  Don't hate them.  But after seeing all these beauties, I think I might have become a Payless lover.

A piece of cake

I know cupcakes are still a pretty popular, but they seem to be declining in trendiness. And this really makes me happy.

I love a good cupcake, but the trendiness factor of them is too much.
So many cupcake only bakeries were popping up and they were producing subpar cupcakes.   I hate when something becomes sooo trendy, that the quality of that something suffers.  Especially in food.

Give me an old fashioned bakery over the "right-now" cupcake place any day.

Plus, I am all about a big piece of cake.  A cupcake is just never enough for an over-eater like me.

These cake stands are gorgeous.  Forget cupcakes, let's bring back the cake!

Weekend Wear - Casual

Tank: H&M

Cardigan: Target

Shoes: Aldo

Skinny Cords: Old Navy
Belt: I am not sure
Ring and Necklace: Vintage

My favorite thing about living in Southern California {besides the weather} is that it is so casual.  Or dressy. 

No one cares. 

You can wear flip flops and a sundress and eat at the same trendy restaurant next to someone decked out in a trendy dress and heels.

It all works here.

I wore this casual outfit Saturday night to dinner.  It was a fun and tasty dinner.  And I was super comfortable - which is always a plus when you are stuffing your face.

Much Love Monday - Thrift store finds

I spent a morning last week at a few of my favorite thrift stores.  Some days when I am thrifting, I find nothing, and other days, I find everything.  This thrift store trip was a good one.

My favorite finds were a huge bag of lace, a wood box {perfect to hold all my sewing materials}, and several vases for this week's Acute How-To column on Scoutie Girl.

Find more to love over at Much Love Monday.

Weekly Recap

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Here is a little recap of my week and a few bits from around the web:

-Acute How-To {my diy column on Scoutie Girl} finished its second week with this super simple pillow cover tutorial.  I have very few sewing skills and I can pull this one off.  If I can do it, you can too!

-The newest Ruche Look Book is gorgeous.  It just screams spring.  I want everything in it. 

-I am hosting a giveaway on Ramblings of a Small Town Girl - there are just a few days left, so be sure to enter right away!

-Big Love ended last Sunday and I watched it on Monday night.  Tears, tears, tears.  I love that show and loved they way they finished the series.  If you haven't seen the show, buy or rent the DVD's.  I am going to miss those crazy polygamists!

-I am part of today's Boutique Breakfast on What I Wore.  If you aren't a reader of What I wore, add it to your blog list.  She is adorable and is basically famous.

Happy Weekend + Ruche Look Book

Wishing you all a fun weekend! 

I am hoping the rain stops {yes, we are getting an odd amount of rain here in Southern California} so that I can spend some time outside without melting.

In other news, I am a little obsessed with the newest Ruche Look Book.  So pretty.

Grateful Friday

I like to write these posts every Friday, but some weeks I have a hard time coming up with something to be thankful for. 

And then I feel like an ass. 

How can I not come up with one thing to be grateful for when I have everything any human could ever need?

I watch the news and see all the horrid happenings in Libya and my god, I am so lucky.

My life has just been one good luck moment after another and for that I am grateful. 

 In more superficial terms, I am grateful for:

Books on CD - I don't have the time to sit and read, yet I love to read and have about a million books I want to get through.  My solution has been books on CD.  I can listen to them while I work, drive, walk my dogs, etc.  They are one of the best small pleasures in life. 

This week I am listening to The Help.  It is so well-written; sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.  If you haven't read it, put it on the top of your list.

The Help

Light chocolate soy milk - I put it in my coffee every morning.  It is a little healthy and has a super rich chocolaty taste.  Yum.

What are you grateful for this week? 

Yes, Pleats

So, I read here, here, and here that pleated skirts are making a comeback this spring.    Hmmm, I wasn't sure how I felt about this spring trend.  In my opinion, pleated skirts just scream polygamy. {If you watch Big Love you will know what I mean...}
 As I looked around, I was more and more impressed.  Pleats are everywhere!  I knew the internet never told a lie. 

You can find them on dresses, skirts, and tops.  You can find very tight pleats and more casual, lose pleats. 

2. Zara
4. & 5. Modcloth

The best thing about pleated skirts?  You can find them at your local thrift store. I was just there and saw one in almost every shade.  I bought this $4 black one.  $4 and a trend?  Pleats and thank you.

In need of a chair {or two}

I have been thinking about, talking about, and blogging about a new chair for way too long.

This is the dilemma - we have an overstuffed accent chair that matches nothing.  It is circa 2003 and was bought by my husband before I made all decisions - I am sure you can imagine the awfulness of it.

I want a Mid-Century Modern style chair.  Preferably two.  I am fine with reupholstering, painting, etc.  Hopefully this week's thrift store trip will be successful as my budget is pretty much stuck in thrift store territory. 

5. CB2

Take a Bow

I have never considered myself much of a bow girl but a few weeks ago I had a little bit of leftover vintage lace that I wanted to incorporate into a design.  It was a tiny amount, so I decided to use it as an accent piece on a simple bow hair clip.

Once I made one bow, I couldn't stop {the story of my life}.

This spring is all about bright, bold colors, many of which you will find on my bows.  I also incorporated my growing love of lace into a few of the designs.

These bows are so cute and would be perfect in your hair or clipped to a lightweight spring jacket.

Get yours here.

Weekend Wear - Lace

It is not a secret that I am becoming slightly obsessed with lace so I about died when I saw this Lauren Conrad skirt on sale for $17 at my local Kohl's.  Shopping ban was lifted for a day.

I paired the lace skirt with a lose fitting tank and super soft cardigan {both from Target}.

Cardigan and Tank: Target
Necklace: Anthropologie
Earrings: Acute Designs
Shoes: Seychelles

Luckily, I looked at these photos before leaving the house and noticed my freakishly white legs.  I said to myself: "you should probably sit in the sun...or buy self tanner...or wear leggings."

With such short notice, I went with the leggings, all the while wondering - how does one get so white living in one of the sunniest places on earth? 

It is a mystery that may never be solved.

Navy Blue + Gold

Lately, I am in love with navy blue.  Pair it with my long time favorite - gold and I am really in love.  What a pretty and classic combination

Dress: Target
Bracelet: Noon
Shoes: Ruche

Weekly Recap {a little late}

This recap is so late - it is already Sunday night!

St. Patrick's Day really threw me off.  I got nothing done that day and very little done the next day so I have been trying to catch up all weekend..and it is really hard to catch up on a lazy, rainy Sunday.

A few things from my world this week:

The NCAA Tournament started this week!  I am not especially sporty, but March Madness and the Olympics are two sporting events I always watch.  Sadly, my alma mater, Xavier, was knocked out in the first round.  Whomp whomp.  The only one happy about Xavier losing is my digestive system.  I always like to pair basketball games with too many beers and too much junk food.

I am super excited to be the newest contributor to the popular Indie/Handmade blog, Scoutie Girl.  Each week, I am writing a How-To post.  Check out my first post, which went up last week here.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I shared my recipe for Irish Soda Bread.  So easy and so good.

I have joined up with a group of small business owners in San Diego and we have formed a "Buy Local San Diego" movement.  If you live in San Diego or Southern California {or anywhere!} and would like to support the movement, check out the Buy Local San Diego Facebook Page.

Don't judge, but I called an animal communicator about this guy:

He has got some major issues {I blame them all on his father} so I wanted some answers.  I was skeptical.  I still am a little skeptical, but I have to admit, it was pretty amazing.  The communicator apparently will talk to animals all over the world....if you're interested.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

It's easy being green

Dress - Old Navy
Belt - I don't remember
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Cardigan - Target

Green is one of my favorite colors, but I don't wear it that often.  I tend to stick to basic black and gray.  I bought this green dress on a super sale {as in $10 cheap} and I love the color.

It might be a bit green for an everyday dress, but it was perfect for St. Patrick's Day. 

I kind of love it.  I think I need to start buying more green....

Go Green

It is so easy to be green on a day like today.  St. Patrick's Day has always been a fun day.  In grade school the day was filled with class parties and green accessories over the Catholic school uniform.  And in college it was filled with too much drinking. 

Despite all the festivities, I always felt less than since I am not a drop Irish.

It seems that every American is a little bit Irish, but not me.  I am so unique.

I turned all this "not being Irish" business around and married an Irishman.  Not an American-Irishman, but a real life Irish citizen.  This might sound exotic, but it's more...ummm...a pain in the ass. Kidding, we'll stick with exotic.

Since I am now Irish by Marriage, St. Patrick's Day is like Christmas, minus the tree, gifts, and the color red, keep the too many drinks during the day and it is basically the same holiday.

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday!  I am heading out to watch my husband's band and drink a few pints of Guinness.


For a while now, I have been considering lighting for the guest bedroom.  We live in a rental, so I cannot do anything fancy, like replace the existing light fixture or add in wall sconces

Instead, I am considering adding an inexpensive and easy to install pendant light over the day bed in the guest bedroom/studio/office.

Thoughts?  Suggestions I where I can buy an affordable one? {And by "affordable" I mean super inexpensive.}

{All images courtesy of Living Etc}

Et tu, Brute?

Yesterday I was pondering the Ides of March and it made me really miss the HBO series, Rome.  I know it is never coming back, but I miss it so.  The costumes and set design were amazing.  If you have never seen the series, rent the DVDs.   You won't be disappointed.

An outfit made of these items would be perfect for today.

Dress: Modcloth
Necklace: Anthropologie
Bracelets: Noon
Headband Halo: Acute Designs

Much Love Monday - Extra Light

In general, I dislike the "Spring Ahead" time change.  I feel all out of whack.  And super tired. 

The best thing about the time change is the extra hour of light.  It feels like summer is just around the corner and I love it.

What do love today?  Blog about it and link up at Much Love Monday.

Weekly Recap

This week was a slow one for me.  My husband and I got back from Ohio late Sunday night and I think the fun weekend + the slight depression from once again leaving my family = a slow week.

Either way, here are a few fun links from the week:

-Have you all been watching Bethenny Ever After?  I am a little obsessed with Bethenny Frankel.  I love the dynamic she has with her husband and find her show so entertaining.

Speaking of Bethenny, I tried out her amazing vegan, low fat chocolate cake this week and it was amazing.  I know, you're thinking "vegan and low fat? Sick."  That's what I thought but I was  Check out my adaptation of the recipe here.

-I stumbled across the blog A Beautiful Mess this week and love it.  The blogger's style is fantastic and after spending a few minutes reading her blog, you feel like you know her.  Also, there is an amazing DIY section that could keep you entertained for days on end.

-You may have noticed that I finished the 30 for 30 Remix this week!  I was so excited to be done and to wear my other clothes.  I was also excited that the 30 day shopping ban was up until I realized that I am self-employed and still in the stage where I put all my money back into my business...

Oh well, doing what I love is far better than shopping any day.

-Despite my lack of funds, I am in love with this dress which will be re-released by Target tomorrow.  I think I am going to splurge. I could use some green for St. Patrick's Day...

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
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