Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Merry: Day 10 - Tinsel + Bauble Wreath

I have seen a million different bauble wreathes on Pinterest.  But before I had Pinterest, I had my mom and she has been making bauble wreathes for years.  So, I took a little from her idea and switched it up.

**metal round wreath form {I got this one at Michaels for $3}
**a cheesy tinsel garland, wire {I bought a $2 pack of floral wire at the craft store} 
**a few bauble ornaments

Be sure to have your little helpers ready.  Kidding, their paws don't help at all.

First wrap the tinsel garland around the wreath form and tie at both ends to secure it into place.

see? they are not much help...

Add a few ornaments.  I strung the floral wire through a few at a time and twisted them in place on the wire frame.  I grouped mine all to one spot - but you could do a few groupings in different spots.

Hang on your front door and wow all your neighbors.  Or at least the mailman.

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  1. Love it! Especially the fewer ornaments. I think moms house will soon be covered inside and outside with ornaments.


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