Lovely DIY Designs: Week 11

I am just gonna say it - I am a weather wimp.  

The other morning, it was 52 degrees and  I wore a hat and gloves to walk my dogs.  WhenI first moved to San Diego, I made frun of the people that wore gloves in above 50 degree temps!

I have always been a weather wimp but you can get used to {or de-used to} just about anything.  Since moving to San Diego four years ago, I got DE-used to cold real fast.

So, when it is below 60 degrees, I dress like it is below 30 degrees.  I like to be warm - nearly hot at all times.

All of this weather talk brings me to my latest Lovely DIY Designs creation.  If you are new here, Lovely DIY Designs is a collaboration between myself and Heather of {just.lovely.things}.  Every other week one of us takes a pin from our Pinterest boards and brings it to life.

I pinned this mitten tutorial {originally on Martha} months ago....when it was warm.  Now that it is a little chilly, I decided to put my pin to use.

This diy is super don't really need much sewing knowledge {I have very minimal sewing skills} and you can use up-cylced materials.  Win-win.


-an old wool sweater that has been felted {I buy cheap wool sweaters at thrift stores, bring them home, wash them in hot water and dry them.  They shrink up and become "felted" wool.}
-thread - I used a double thick kind
-pencil and paper

Step One:

Trace your hand on a piece of paper.   Trace larger than your hand {giving yourself what looks like a Homer Simpson hand} because the mitten will get smaller as you sew the pieces together.

Step Two:

Cut out your hand drawing and pin it to the felted sweater.  Cut out around the paper through both layers of the sweater.  You will end up with two halves of a mitten.

Step Three:

Flip the paper hand over and repeat step two.  In the end, you will have four pieces {two per mitten} that are mirror images of each other.

Step Four:

Place two of the pieces together {right side in...this doesn't really matter if your sweater is a solid color, but if there is a print, you will want to make sure the "right" sides are facing in}.

Step Five:

Sew the two pieces together.  First I did a basic stich all along the edge of the mitten and then another stich on top of it.  I don't know the names of these stitches, but it looked like the above photo.

Step Six:

Repeat with the other two pieces.

Enjoy your cozy wool mittens!  These would make a great handmade gift, especially for a child....or a weather wimp like your truly.  

So cute.

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  1. this is cuter than cute! and though my diy skills are zero, i think i could pull it off! yay! marissa @ the boot


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