Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 things

This post is a wee bit late.  I normally post my 5 things on Friday or Saturday but life got in the way.  Don't you hate when real life gets in the way of blog life?

Five things from my week/the world wide web....

You know when you hear someone speaking another language and you think "oh, that's Italian or that's German" even though you don't speak either language?  There are just certain inflections and accents that signify a certain language.  Well, I have always wondered what English sounds like to non-English speakers so I was really excited when I saw this video on Gawker.  I find language, accents, translation, etc to be so fascinating.

You still have a few hours left to enter the Blue Eyed Owl Giveaway and win a $25 shop credit.  I will announce the winner tomorrow {Monday} morning. There are some seriously awesome vintage items in the Blue Eyed Owl shop.

I have just two episodes left of Mad Men.  I started season one two weeks ago and have spent every free moment in front of my TV or computer devouring this amazing show.  My opinions on the characters have changed so much and I am so excited for the new season that starts in March.

All week I was preoccupied with orders generated from my Heartsy deal as well as last minute preparations for a photo shoot with my friend Camille.  I brought my husband and dogs along and she snapped a few pics of the four of us.  My dogs are the worst - they are the kids screaming at the grocery store who provoke side-eyes from all the other people.  Oh well, at least they are cute and sweet.  And all mine :).  Holiday items will be up in my shop the first week in November - expect lots of sparkle, emerald green, cobalt blue, and gold.

Garlands are slowly becoming a new obsession...I find that I am constantly pinning them.  This tutorial of "10 Ways to Make a Garland" on A Beautiful Mess just gave me SO many more ideas!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - see you tomorrow.

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