Sunday, July 31, 2011

Much Love Monday: The One Piece

In light of my pending trip to the beach {My parents recently bought a house in Hilton Head and I am heading way over to the right side of the country for a visit next week} I have been thinking about swimwear.

I am really liking one pieces lately.  They have such a modest and vintage vibe to them that I love.

I also love that today is August 1st - happy new month!

Did you know that there are 31 days in July? I sure didn't.  

I know there is some trick in which you use your knuckles to tell you what months have 30 days and which have 31, but I never bothered to learn it.  I rely solely on calendars.   And for some reason I ignored the fact that my calendar said 31 and all day in my head it was August 1st. Go figure.

What do you love this Monday?

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