Thursday, June 30, 2011

How-To: Baby Onesie Stickers

Sorry for my absence yesterday - blogger was giving me issues and I had my web designer change the layout of my blog - what do you think?  The sidebar still needs some work, which I plan to do today.  Tech stuff gives me a headache.

I have two new baby boys in my life {my sister and one of my best friends both just had baby boys} and wanted to make them a little gift.

I tried baby blankets.  A blanket seems like the easiest thing ever - right? 

Yeah, that is what I though too... 

I attempted to use something called "minky fabric" because it is super soft, but it was SO annoying. 

It is not your basic fabric and it requires a certain needle or foot or something....I am just not that skilled with the sewing machine.

So, I scratched that idea and opted for onesie stickers.

These are super cute and something a new mom+baby will use for the entire first year.

Just peel and stick them on a baby's onesie for each subsequent month birthday and you have a nice little montage of photos from the first year.

{This bike one is my favorite}

I made these images on Photoshop, inserted them into a Word Document, and printed them on sticker paper.  It was easy and fun.

You can buy sticker paper at Michael's, Staples, or online.

If you don't feel like making your own designs - download mine here for free!

These are a little boy-centric, but would be fine for a baby girl too. 

If you love them and want girly ones, let me know and I might make some :).

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