Monday, February 21, 2011

Much Love Monday

I got a new phone last week and I love it.  It's a MyTouch G4, which is T-Mobile's version of the Iphone.

I do miss a few features from my Blackberry, but this phone is a lot more fun.  And it takes better pictures:

{Picture taken with my new phone's "cinnamon" effect.  I added the heart and rounded corners on Picnik.}

Other things I am loving today are....

-Andy Cohen - he is the genius behind Bravo and has really taken reality television to a whole new level.  Plus his "aftershow" is hilarious.  Love him.

-Sessun - a French clothing line I stumbled across last week.  The designs and photos on their website are amazing.  Love.  And they're affordable - double love.

What are you loving today?  Blog about it and link up over at Much Love Monday.

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