Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let them wonder - Day #16

30 for 30 - Day #16

Shirt - Old Navy
Earrings - Acute Designs

Before I took my dog, Finn, for his "pet-icure" {he loves a spa day} I went outside to take pictures of myself.

My husband said "You're taking pictures again {not sure if he gets what 30 for 30 means...}.  The neighbors are going to start to wonder."

Start to wonder?  Ha! I figured they had been wondering since my 30th birthday party when two of my best friends and I blasted the Sound of Music album and acted out our favorite songs.

I will let him believe they are only starting to wonder...


  1. Very nice outfit :) Love the boots and the skirt

  2. Haha! Your Husband is hilarious. Love this outfit! :)

  3. Oh yes we scared your neighbors a long time ago, no worries there!


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