Hail to the Chief

30 for 30 - Day #18

Today is President's Day.  I wanted to look "presidential" but wasn't sure what to wear since we don't tend to have women presidents in this country.

I considered a pant suit, a la Hillary Clinton, but I forgot to put a boxy blazer in my 30 pieces. Darn.

Instead I thought of Michelle Obama.  She always looks amazing and she often wears inexpensive dresses that most Americans can afford.

Love her.

Here is my attempt at looking presidential....or at least first-lady-ish.  Now, if I could only have her arms... 

In other news, I learned a new remix lesson today - if you're counting, this is number three.

Remix Lesson #3 - I can mix up a simple strapless dress by putting a shirt under or over it {which I did today}.


  1. Good idea! Way to get creative!!

    Stumbling...my post is: http://www.keenlykristin.com/2011/02/make-it-your-mission.html

    Kristin :)


thank you so much for your comment! i read and enjoy each and every one :).

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