Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentines and such

I was at Rite Aide Saturday buying beer {yes, I get beer at Rite Aide....don't laugh, it's super cheap} and the line was snaked through the seasonal aisle.  I stood there; arms weighed down by Heineken, staring at all the adorable Valentine's Day Cards. 

I had memories of my elementary school days and picking out which cards I would get for the party at school. 

Then I remembered the year my mom gave me a Make-Your-Own-Valentine's Kit...that was the best year.

The kit was full of heart stickers, doilies, cupids, etc.  I wish I still had it. 

I tried to find something similar online and failed.  They just don't make stuff like that anymore {or I am lazy and don't feel like looking very hard}.

Instead, I found these cards....I guarantee that all of them are cuter than the ones I made when I was 10.


  1. I made Valentine's for my friends last year and now I have to think of some way to one-up them this year. That letterpress Valentine is adorable!

  2. Very cute cards :) I would totally buy beer at Rite Aid if I didn't live in PA. with all the crazy liquor laws. No, I can only buy beer at a beer distributor!

  3. Love the Rifle valentine cards this year. I found a cute one for my hubby on our anniv. trip that I've been saving for vday - I just hope I remember I've got it tucked away somewhere : )


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