Friday, January 21, 2011

This week I am grateful for...Sunny Weather

Even though I miss living in Ohio, I sure don't miss the winter weather. Snow and I are opposites.  Opposites that do not attract.

I will make it a point to not move back to the Midwest during the winter months.  Cold weather scares me.

The fact that most of the country is covered in snow and/or freezing makes me grateful for the extra warm temps and sunny skies we have had all week in Southern California.

It is true that I miss my friends and family, but I am so happy to be sitting in the warm sun.

{It could either be like this...taken 5 years ago at my parent's house.}

{Or like this...taken today.  I will take the sunshine for as long as I can get it!}

What are you grateful for this week?  Blog about it and link up over at Maxabella’s blog.


  1. To say Im jealous is an understatement.... its freezing here lol... and my house and yard looks like the first photo
    Have an awesome sunny weekend

  2. A bit like you, but at the other end of the planet - sunshine and cooler weather after lots of humidity and torrential rain!

    Here's to a sunshiney kind of weekend,

    Felicity x

  3. It might be chilly but it's certainly beautiful, love Posie

  4. I've always secretly wanted to live in the snow. Somewhere with really distinct seasons... but reading posts like yours has kind of made me realise that it is not the romantic adventure that I think it is! I think I'll stick with Sydney for now...

    Have a happy rest-of-day (night!)! x

  5. mmm! Snow is rather cold and wet isn't it...even though it looks so georgeous and makes everything look a wonderland!


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