Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Talmadge Line

A few months ago, I got a little lost walking my puppy around our new-ish neighborhood {we moved here last August}.  As I walked, I noticed that many of the streets have female first names. 

Really pretty names.  I loved it.

I did a Wikipedia search on the neighborhood and found out that our new 'hood, Talmadge, is named after the three Talmadge Sisters - Natalie, Constance, and Norma.  The sisters were silent film stars in the 1920s and they bought this land and made a real estate development.  Pretty cool.

{Constance Talmadge}

{Natalie Talmadge}

{Norma Talmadge}

The Talmadge sisters are my inspiration for the new line.  All the pieces are named after streets in the neighborhood and each is designed with a 1920s feel.

There are currently six styles in my shop and more will be added in the next week.


  1. Beautiful pieces Gina! Love them and the story behind the creations. I live in an area of the country that is very well-known for horse racing. When we moved into our neighborhood a year ago, someone mentioned that all the streets were named after great races in cool!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  2. oh wow Gina these are wonderful .... Im not sure they would look good on me but they truly are wonderful

  3. Those are all so pretty. What great inspiration, too! It's fun to find out history like that. :)



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