Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dressed Up Weekend Wear

This weekend I had a party to go to, so I put on a party dress and had too good of a time.  Yes, it's possible to have too good of a time.  Trust me.

Dress - Chupi {bought on sale in Dublin for about $27}
Necklace - {bought in Ireland for about $45}
Leggings -  Lauren Conrad for Kohl's {bought on sale for $1.99}


  1. That dress is TDF! Beautiful!

  2. gorgeous! popping over from Kym's blog! What a lovely little blog you have yourself here! Glad you had a too good a time at the party - you look divine in that dress!

  3. I've loving this look. And this is a look I cannot do (so doubly envious)! Glad you had too good a time! (You must have done some partying for me, hey?) Thanks for linking up. I'm so excited you did. xx


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