EmersonMade Clothing Line - Obsessed

I am a little obsessed with EmersonMade.  I love everything in their online shop and the overall aesthetic of the company.  I find so much delight and inspiration in perusing the EmersonMade blog and shop.  This lovely company has very recently introduced a clothing line that is set to launch on August 10th.  So.excited.    I want everything.

An Office and a Guest Bedroom

In my new house, I am going to utilize the second bedroom much the same way I currently use our second bedroom - except it's going to be so much better!  Why?  Because it so much bigger.  I currently have a day bed, large secretary desk, Ollie’s Saloon, and two dressers all packed into a small 8' x 7' room.

The new room will easily be able to hold all of that {this dresser will probably go into the other bedroom} without feeling cluttered.  Plus, the new room has a large closet so I will easily be able to store all of my supplies in an organized fashion. {They are currently stacked in bag and boxes on the floor.}

I love the shelves and the brightness of this work space.
Again - brightness and shelves and I love the touches of pink.

The pale green mixed with the rustic desk is just perfect.  I also love the letters...I love monogrammed inspired things.

This is my favorite. I have a daybed in that exact color, so I can really envision my office/guest room looking like this {I will add an eclectic touch}. I love the pale green and have just added this color to my list of paint colors....so many decisions to make.

Blue and Gray Bedrooms

The new house I will be moving to in August has two large bedrooms.  We currently have two bedrooms in our house, but the second is teeny tiny.  Actually, so is the first.  So, I am excited for a bigger bedroom and for a bigger guest bedroom/studio/closet.

Some ideas for the main bedroom...I prefer pale blue, gray, and white.

I love the grayish walls and the blue
headboard.  I do not currently have a headboard and I want to male/re-fab one in the new house.

I am not a fan of the furniture in this room, but I find everything else to be so pretty and relaxing.

My favorite.  I love everything about this - especially the screen used as a headboard.

{All photos are courtesy of House to Home

How to Make Pictures Look Retro

I am obsessed with making my photos look washed out and retro. I found this basic tutorial on how to achieve this using Picasa, the free photo editing software I use. 

I think I did ok, but I could use more practice.  Have you achieved success in retro-izing your photos?  If so, any tips to share?

I used photos of my niece and my dogs...they are all the cutest!  I think the first three are the best and look most like what I was trying to achieve.

Acute Designs Update

This past week, I have added a lot to my Etsy shop, Acute Designs.  The newest designs are simple hair/bobby pins.   These pins are made by deconstructing vintage and antique costume jewelry and picking beautiful pieces to attach to simple gold, copper, black, and silver hair pins.  I am having so much fun looking for items that would be cute on these pins and so much fun making them.

New House

I have been looking for a new, affordable, and slightly larger house for about the past year. My husband and I currently rent an adorable little house right by the beach. The view is amazing, the breeze is perfect, and the neighborhood is safe. It has been a wonderful 3+ years, but due to the aforementioned "by the beach" the rent is a little OOC, which is why I have been looking for something new.

About six months ago, we decided it was time to move inland. {Inland is always cheaper.} Last week we finally found something that is bigger than we have now {not huge, but a little bigger}, very well maintained, clean, safe neighborhood, fenced yard, allows my two crazy mutts, and is far cheaper. All the pieces fell into place, but it was still a hard decision. It is amazing how you become attached to material things like a house.

So, for the next month, I will be in moving and packing mode. I have anxiety just thinking about packing, finding movers, and switching the cable and gas and electric. All those things will need to be done and I know I will get them done; I just don't want to think about them. Instead, I am thinking about the fun stuff - painting and decorating. Since it's a rental, nothing too crazy can be done, but I can paint.

The bathroom has a counter similar to the color on this one:

I know this is a kitchen, but the color of counter is what I am focused on.

I painted the bathroom in our current house a pale sea green and I love it. Everything else is white and the whole thing looks fresh and clean.  I love green in a bathroom.

I love this color...maybe I will stick with green in the new bathroom...

Since the counter in the new bathroom is darker, I am considering some different shades.   My husband loves the color blue....but I am more inclined to go with a pale blue/gray color.

Too blue for me. I don't want to feel like I am at a swimming pool.

I like how this one is more gray {almost white}, with small touches of blue, green, and purple.

{Photos courtesy of Home Depot, House Beautiful, and Country Living}

San Francisco Victorians

Some images to indulge my obsession with all things Victorian...especially Victorian homes.

All of these house are located in San Francisco.  I would love to plan a weekend trip to San Fran to do this tour.  I am not sure my husband would be too keen on it, so I might have to enlist my mom or sister!

This is known to be one of the first hippy communes.

The Full House house.

The Party of Five house {I miss that show}.

The famous Painted Ladies.

Gorgeous windows.


{All images via Go California, Wikipedia, or Ine Tours}

Tutorial Tuesday

Have you ever checked out Hope Studios?  It's a fantastic blog that constantly offers fun and simple tutorials.  Every Tuesday, Jennifer of Hope Studios does a "Tutorial Tuesday" post where she encourages readers to link up any tutorials they have.

Have something to teach the world?  Go link up.  Plus, yours truly is sponsoring this week and you just might win a gift certificate to my shop, Acute Designs.

Craigslist Find - Secretary Desk

I inquired about a secretary desk on Craigslist last weekand it was delivered on Sunday.

I love secretary desks.  I love how you can hide your mess by just latching the door.  Plus, they seems so official.  My parents had one when I was younger.  {Actually, I think they still have it but I am not sure.  I should find out and see if I can have it.}  I used to keep all my money and my coin collection in it and count it when I was bored....a little weird? Perhaps.

Secretary desks always remind me of those money counting days.  Someday {hopefully} I will be able to count money on my $40 Craigslist find.

I love and hate the shape of it.  It is deep, which is perfect for hiding my mess, but it looks so bulky. 

I prefer dainty ones like this one that I found on San Diego Craigslist...at $650 it was way beyond my budget.

Or, there's this one from Ikea, it isn't dainty, but it is super functional {and totally boring}.  This sells for $159, still more than I wanted to spend.

So, I got this one.  Also a bit boring, but a great deal at $40.  I think it's an older Ikea design.  It does seem bulky in the space I have it in, but if I could put it in a larger space, it wouldn't feel so bulky.

And, it needs to be painted yellow

And the knob and pull need to be changed.  That will give it a more desirable feel.  I think this or this and this would look fab.

The best part is that I can hide all of this:

By doing this:


The ugly lamp on the top right side of my new desk was a present from my husband. It is one of those "crafter's lights." I figured it was just a gimmick, but I pretended to love it to be nice. Yesterday, when I set it up and plugged it in, I was shocked. The box boasts about "HD" lighting and it did not disappoint. Lately, when I work for hours on my designs, my eyes start to get tired and cloudy. So, either my retina is detaching or I am getting old. Here's hoping it's the retina thing.

Photos courtesy Craigslist, Ikea, and me

Happy Summer!

It is finally starting to feel like summer and today it is official.  I love summer.  It is by far my favorite season. San Diego summers are the perfect temperature - warm and sunny, but not too stifling and humid...and no mosquitoes!  Despite the perfect weather, I miss the stifling heat and humidity of the midwest.  My husband thinks I am crazy, but I really do miss it.  {I do not miss the mosquitoes.}

I haven't been a traditional student in 7 (ahhh!) years but every June, without fail, I feel the need to have the summer off.  Does anyone else think it's a complete injustice to program people from birth that summer = freedom and then just rip it all away at fragile the age of 22?  I do.  It's preposterous and I hate every bit of it.  Summers should just be free and fall should be a new beginning.

{Maybe it's the reason so many people get a master's degree....or become teachers?}

Photo courtesy my friend {and amazing photographer} Norah

Sunshine and Yellow

The June weather is San Diego is referred to as "June Glooms."  For some scientific reason like the ocean isn't as warm as the air or whatever, a marine layer covers the coastal area for almost the entire month of June.  It is strange because you would typically consider June to be a warm, sunny month....not here. But, I cannot complain because the weather is near perfect year round.

As we head towards July, the sun is out more and more and it has me thinking yellow. Lately I have been digging the color yellow in a house.  I am considering painting my kitchen yellow and a new desk I just bought off Craigslist yellow.  Too much?  Maybe.

In a fun coincidence, there was a color section on yellow in this month's House Beautiful.  So, it must be a sign.  I am for sure painting the desk I just bought.  That's a given.  The kitchen would take a lot of work, so I might hold off.  Maybe I will do just one wall.....
Paint for the desk. I like how it's a subdued shade.

I love this darker honey shade for the kitchen.

And some inspiring photos....

Lovely yellow door.

I love the shade of that pale yellow wall.

The yellow chair gives this kitchen a nice pop of color....it gives me confidence that my yellow wall will do the same.
{All photos in this post are courtesy of House Beautiful}

My Design Style - In One Picture

Via a blog I follow, I saw this challenge on From the Right Bank.  It is a challenge to choose one room image that encompasses your design style.  So, I went to some of my favorite home sites (Country Living, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor) and found my one picture at House Beautiful. It was really hard to narrow it down, but I decided to go with the room that gave me the best feeling.  The one room I could have in my house without changing a thing.  {I loved so many more but they all had minor things I would change.} 

So, here is my one photo:

{Photo courtesy of House Beautiful}

I love the dark green couch and chair.  Both look so cozy. I also love the huge windows - I like tons of natural light.  And the ceiling makes the room rustic, which is fantastic.


I have recently started to buy/collect different teacups.  I don't intend to drink from them. I intend to use them as decoration, or as little bowls to hold even littler things, or as something....I intend to use them for something, I swear!  Right now, they are in a box and scattered around my house.

After viewing these, I know that I need a bigger house.  I want them all!

{Teeny Teacup by the Family Vintage on Etsy}

{Royal Winton Teacup by Lil Thrift Girl on Etsy}

{Vintage Teacup by Downtown Girl Vintage on Etsy}

{Vintage Avocado Teacup by Forrestina Vintage on Etsy}

{Mix and Match Teacups by The Classic Farmhouse on Etsy}

{Fire King Teacups by Finding Fabulous on Etsy}

Toms - I am obsessed

Last week I was visiting my hometown of Cincinnati and my staying with one of my best friends.  When I was there, she received a new pair of Toms shoes that she had ordered.  I guess I have been living under a rock because I had seen these shoes but I didn't realize that Toms donates a pair of shoes for every shoes bought.  I love to shop {especially for shoes} and when I can shop and support a good cause I am delighted!

The shoes my friend received were so freaking cute and she swears by their comfort.  Done. I am sold. I want several pairs, but unfortunately I need to narrow it down to one {or two}.  These are my new obsession.

I want this style in charcoal, olive, and natural.

Wedges! Love.love.love.

I will take these too...I definitely have boring tastes when it comes to shoe color!

{All photos courtesy of Toms}
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