Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Wear

You know all those fashion blogs out in blog-land that consist of a beautiful blogger with insanely cute clothes showcasing different outfits? 

I love reading/looking at them.  They give me ideas on what to pair with what and the ones that focus on affordable clothing always make me want to go shopping.

Since I typically wear yoga pants and t-shirts {and this is not due to any actual yoga-ing, it is due to the fact that they are comfortable...and I am lazy} I decided to challenge myself and post a look that I donned over the weekend every Monday

I will also list where I got my clothes + prices {If I can remember}.  Until I win the lottery, or become independently wealthy, it will be a nice montage of inexpensive clothing.

Without further ado, here is my first weekend wear post.  I actually pulled myself away from my laptop, got dressed, and went to watch my husband's band play.  Therefore I had to get dressed. 

Yoga pants would have embarrassed him {and since he is my meal ticket, I try to keep the embarrassment to a minimum}.

{Gordita looks perfect, as usual.}

{That headband is gorgeous!}

{My husband says I never smile, so here I am trying it out.  It's not so bad.}

Clothing deets:
-Shirt - The Gap {bought 2 years ago} - $20
-Sweater - Old Navy - $17 {bought on sale}
-Skirt - Old Navy - $7 {bought on sale}
-Boots - Urban Outfitters - $68
-Necklace - Noon - $64
-Headband - Acute Designs {The Lea} - $32

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  1. You look beautiful! (I bought that sweater in cream/ivory and I love it!)


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