Friday, December 10, 2010

This week I am grateful for....Support

I own a small handmade accessories business.  I started it a year ago on a whim and within a month I decided it was going to be my full time job

For the last year, I dragged myself out of bed every morning and went to my dreadful day job.  I needed the paycheck.  I saved and saved and sold as much Acute Designs merch as I could.

Last August I made the decision that October 29th would be my last day.  I chose that day because it was the last Friday before my 30th birthday.  I knew that I could not be 30 years old and stuck in a job I hated.

I would rather be broke and happy than unhappy with a decent paycheck.

The past six weeks I have worked for myself and loved every minute of it. 

My friends and family have been so supportive - doing some of their Christmas shopping in my online shop, getting me into stores, and introducing me to other people that might be able to help my business ventures.

I could not do what I do without support and I thank each and every one of you.  All the way from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

What are you grateful for this week?  Blog about it and link up over at Maxabella’s Blog.


  1. congrats on going for your dream!! i so wish i could get paid for what i love to do : being a mom, thrifitng, crafting, watching t.v. hahaha;) but seriously, you rock girl!! :)

  2. Its awesome when you can follow a dream and make it a reality .... well done...
    I have done the same to stepped out and opened an Etsy store ...the support I have had is awesome and I to am truly grateful for that.... Keep the dream alive...and have a wonderful weekend...
    maybe we can link up some how and help each other...

  3. Congratulations Gina! You're way ahead the rest of the world. It makes me happy to read things like this. Good luck all the way!

  4. Well done, better to have a job your enjoy than one that defeats you at the start of every day.

  5. Awesome work, to be able to build soemthing up that you love!

  6. What a great thing to be able to do, all the hard work and determination is paying off, well done!

  7. Well done for following your dream! And your work is just beautiful.

  8. Sounds like we took a remarkably similar journey this year. It has been life changing for me as well. I love your blog and am now following you. Have a great weekend and please feel free to pop over for a visit to my Casa de Chaos

  9. I love your (new) look and most of all I love your attitude. You will go far, Gina. You're a lovely, generous blogger and a talented artisian. x

  10. Oh, I'm so glad you joined Maxabella's gratefuls. I'm officially now a follower (and a future buyer). Your designs are gorgeous. I love your guts and determination. You WILL do well. You are so very, very clever. xx

  11. Well fair play to you girl, well done. I hope it is hugely successful for you:) Visiting from Maxabellas. Jen.

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments! I am grateful to have so much support in the blogging community!


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