Sunday, December 12, 2010

Much Love Monday - Zara + Dublin

I am getting super excited for our yearly trek to Ireland {we're leaving on Saturday}. 

This year, we are doing something a little different.  We have decided to stay in Dublin for three nights before making the drive to my husband's hometown, which is in County Kerry.

You might be thinking "how is staying in Dublin different?"  Well, this will be my seventh trip to Ireland and, besides airports, I have only spent three days outside County Kerry {or 'The Kingdom' as my husband refers to it}.

Kerry is gorgeous and I understand why people love it.  And, I get that it's his home and he misses it and all that...but I am so excited to spend a little time in another city!

I am excited to go shopping see the sights in Dublin.  And by sights I mean Zara

Since the Irish economy is essentially crashing as I write, I assume everything will be super marked down. 

Happy Christmas to me!

{All photos courtesy of Zara}

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  1. Oh I miss Zara.... being British in the Sates.... I miss Ireland to.... I have family over there and would visit at lest twice a year...and Dublin is beautiful ..have a Guinness for me :) and have a wonderful trip


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