Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to pack 2+ weeks of stuff into a carry on

I am a firm believer in not checking baggage.  This has nothing to do with the fees many airlines charge, it has to do with the annoyance of it.

Each time we head away on a trip that lasts longer than a week, I consider checking, then after about 5 minutes realize how much I hate to wait in line {and airports have enough unavoidable lines as it is}.

So, I have become an ole' pro at packing days upon days of clothing into one small carry on suitcase and a backpack.  Both end up nearly bursting at the seams, but the feeling of walking right off the plane and to wherever I am going is so worth it.

We are heading to Ireland on Saturday for 2+ weeks and I need to pack.

It will be cold so items like a heavy coat and gloves are an extra necessity...and the coat takes up a lot of room.

This is my list:
-4 pairs of pants
-a week's worth of underwear {I can do laundry at my in-laws}
-a week's worth of socks
-5 camisoles/tank tops that can be worn under tops and sweaters
-3 long or 3/4 sleeved cotton shirts
-2 evening/nice for going out tops
-3 cardigans {one chunky, one for going out, and one basic black one that will be good for night or day)
-2 pullover sweaters
-1-2 skirts
-1 LBD
-2 pairs of leggings
-1 pairs of thick tights
-one pair of yoga pants {good for travelling and sleeping}
-2 shirts for sleeping {since it's winter, they will be long sleeve}
-2 belts {one thick, one thin}
-tall flat boots
-boots with a heel
-winter coat
-hats, gloves, and scarf

{I guess I only wear black and gray.} 

One way I cut down is by wearing the biggest things.  That means, I will be leaving southern California in Uggs and a heavy winter coat.  As soon as I get on the plane, I will take them off and store them {cozy socks are a must for the 12 hour plane ride}.

In my backpack will be: mini laptop, cord for laptop and blackberry, my 1 quart ziploc baggie full of travel sized liquid bottles {dumbest rule EVER}, small makeup case with non-liquid items, other misc bathroom items, a book or two, wallet, passport, purse, jewelry, hair accessories, blackberry, notebook + pens.

Like I said, it is a lot to put in two small bags and at the end of the travelling day, I am sick of holding all of it.  But, the ease of not checking is worth it.  And, my bags never get lost :).

What do you do? Carry or check?

{Photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Gap, Steve Madden, Ugg Australia, and Kohl‘s}


  1. You are a packing genius if you can get all of that into a carry on! I guess you are a small size, right!?! LOL.

    I note that you mentioned your BlackBerry twice in your handbag. Important piece of kit that!!! x

  2. Hi Gina~
    Thank you for checking out my blog and becoming a follower of SAS Interiors...I really appreciate your kind comment! I am now a follower or your site and will be checking back often :)

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  3. Carry until they make me check and then lose my GD bag and American Airlines shows up at your house with it at 6:00 am! :)

  4. I am the same way! I always try to avoid checking a bag. I successfully packed it all in a carry on for a 2 wk trip to Hawaii last year - guess I had it easy since I didn't have to pack cold weather gear like you do!


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