Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest Post by Down and Out Chic - 5 things I cannot live without

As mentioned last week, I put together a series of guest posts by some of my favorite bloggers.  Look for the series of posts {mixed in with some that I have scheduled while I am in Ireland} over the next few weeks.

First up is Christina from Down and Out Chic.  D&OC is one of my favorite blogs.  I stumbled upon it about 9 months ago and have been hooked ever since.

Christina blogs daily on her favorite finds, fashion, decor, art, and so much more.  Her style is impeccable and best of all?  Her finds are all affordable and often come from small businesses.  True story.  Don't you hate when you are smitten by a blog post only to learn that you can afford exactly none of the fashion or decor finds?  So frustrating.  At D&OC, Christina specializes in making style accessible.   Thanks for guest blogging, Christina :).

5 things I cannot live without - by Down and Out Chic

1.  Books- Beside the the obvious reason that books are good for the soul, I like having them around.  We have them in every room of our house, including the bathroom and I'm sure our collection will continue to grow and grow.   (image:  Pengiun hardcover classics via design*sponge)

2. Scarves- hands down the easiest accessory to wear and with such a variety in size, shape, pattern and weight, one can never own too many. (image: thief and bandit

3. Facial Scrub- My skin feels the freshest and softest after cleansing with a scrub.  My current favorite is this vodka/sea salt blend from Lush.  (image: lush)

4. MacBook Pro- yes, I'll admit it, I'm a slave to technology.  As much as I'd like to say I don't need my computer or the internet, that would be a BIG FAT LIE.  (image: fácil y sencillo)

5. Art in my home- Being surrounded by art on a daily basis makes bring me comfort and inspires me.  Now, more than ever, art is utterly accessible and can be as serious or as cheeky as you like. (image: rue) 


  1. Books- yessss!! I have stacks of them in practically every corner of the house. Definitely books and art in the home. Great list!

  2. Gina, when you come back from holiday...come over to my site..20th December..and accept the Stylish Blogger Award that I have nominated you for. My blog will tell you what to do to accept it! Congratulations on your stylish site.

  3. Love your list. Funnily it's not unlike mine... and after you've graciously accepted your award from Carol, I'm next! I want to put you 'out there'. Your stuff is so amazing! Not to mention a little stylish. Hence the stylish award. Pop over to my blog: this post to be exact That will tell you everything!

    Happy holidays and merry merries to you. xx

  4. Did somebody say 'smear vodka all over your face'? I gotta check out that facial scrub.. x


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